ight moment to attack.

“You only know how to dodge.
What kind of Martial Artist are you?”

Seeing Lu Zijia dodge her attacks time and time again, Mu Shiyou was enraged and she gnashed her teeth in hatred.
However, she couldn’t do anything to Lu Zijia at the moment and her eyes turned red with anger.

Lu Zijia smiled at her innocently.
“Dodging is also a skill.
Besides, I’m not a Martial Artist.”

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How would a Martial Artist be comparable to a cultivator?

When the cultivation level of both parties was low, there might not be any obvious difference, but as their cultivation level got higher and higher, the difference between the two would become more obvious.

For example, Martial Artists had only ten levels.
Level ten was the peak of the strong in this world.

However, the peak of the strong in this world was just the foundation for cultivators.

Above the Foundation Establishment Level, there was still the Golden Core Level.
This was a height that Martial Artists in this world could never reach, and this was the difference between Martial Artists and cultivators.

“Master, Master, I’m here.
Watch me!”

The moment Mu Shiyou let down her guard against it, the golden pagoda immediately jumped up and scratched the back of Mu Shiyou’s head fiercely with its sharp claw.

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Lu Zijia cooperated with it and tried her best to keep Mu Shiyou busy so that she couldn’t be distracted.


After the golden pagoda succeeded in attacking with its claw, it immediately ran for its life at the fastest speed without hesitation.

“Damn animal!”

Mu Shiyou, who got scratched on the back of her head, got furious and started attacking even more fiercely.

“Tut-tut, this despicable woman has so much dandruff.
Master, look, the dandruff is stuck on my claw and there’s even blood.
Ew, so disgusting.”

The golden pagoda raised its claw that it used to make an attack successfully and said something disdainful, but looking very proud on its cat face.

This must be what people meant by speaking with one’s tongue in one’s cheek!

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