Chapter 59: A Jade with Spiritual Energy in Another Jade

After Lu Zijia went into the crowd, she walked straight to the shop she was most familiar with on Lingde Street.

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Effective with Faith.

The name was simple.
The products would be effective if the customers believed in them and not if they didn’t.
It all depended on whether they had faith in their minds.

She must say that the owner of this shop was truly a broad-minded and casual person.

“Zijia, why are you here again so quickly? Do you want to buy more talisman paper?”

The owner of Effective with Faith was a 40-year-old, chubby man, who looked honest but was actually very shrewd.

The original host called him Uncle Xu.

Seeing Lu Zijia come in, he immediately asked with a beaming smile.

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Lu Zijia was about to nod, but her gaze suddenly landed on a jade pendant in Uncle Xu’s hands.

The jade pendant was the size of half a palm.
It was entirely green and looked just like the most ordinary jade stone on the outside.

A beam of light immediately flashed through Uncle Xu’s eyes when he saw that Lu Zijia was interested in the jade pendant in his hands that he just got.

“Zijia, are you interested in this jade pendant as well?

“Haha, you really have good taste.
Let me tell you, this jade pendant is a good thing.
I got it with so much effort,” Uncle Xu said with pride on his face as if it was honorable that he could get this jade pendant.

He then continued without waiting for Lu Zijia to talk, “And yet, since you call me uncle, I’ll sell it to you if you like it.

“Don’t worry.
You always take care of my business.
I’ll definitely give you a discount.”

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Lu Zijia didn’t reply in a hurry but said, “Can I have a look first?”

The reason why she noticed this jade pendant was because she thought that it was a bit weird.

However, she wasn’t sure what was weird about it.

“Of course.”

Uncle Xu simply handed the jade pendant in his hands to Lu Zijia and let her check and study it first.

In fact, in his opinion, Lu Zijia wouldn’t be able to find out anything about it even if she checked and studied it.

After all, only people in the industry could see what was special about this kind of thing.

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As far as he knew, Lu Zijia didn’t know these things at all.
Even the talisman paper and cinnabar she always bought from him weren’t for her own use.

The moment Lu Zijia touched the jade pendant, she immediately knew what was strange about it.

It turned out the jade pendant in her hands was a jade-in-jade.
As the name suggested, it was a jade pendant with another jade pendant inside, and the one on the inside was the real good stuff.

However, this kind of jade-in-jade was actually man-made.
As for the reason why people did this, she wasn’t interested at all.

Feeling the strong spiritual energy inside the jade-in-jade, Lu Zijia became slightly excited.

She was still thinking about how she could find something that contained spiritual energy.
She didn’t expect it to be delivered to her so quickly.

Seeing that Lu Zijia still wasn’t talking after a long time, Uncle Xu couldn’t help but speak, “What do you think? My jade pendant is a good thing.
If you wear it all year round, it can even prolong your life!”

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Uncle Xu had already studied this jade pendant, but he didn’t see anything special and thought it was just an ordinary jade pendant.

And yet, even if this was just a normal jade pendant, there was a saying that jade stones would protect humans, so he wasn’t really lying when he said it could prolong her life.

Lu Zijia showed hesitation on her face.

“So, Uncle Xu, how much are you selling this jade pendant?”

Knowing that there was a chance of selling it, Uncle Xu’s eyes immediately brightened.

“It’s not expensive.
I’ll give you a good offer.
Just 10,000 yuan will do.

“What do you think? This is already a big discount from me,” Uncle Xu said as he showed a heartbroken look as if he had really suffered huge losses.

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