After driving for half an hour, the car stopped under Lu Zijia’s instructions.

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Lu Zijia got out of the car first and looked around, then fixed her gaze on the south, which was a commercial street.
Behind the commercial street was a high-end villa area.

“It’s within a one-kilometer radius.” She looked in the direction of the commercial street and said to her two uncles.

“Then, let’s split up.
It’ll be more efficient this way.” Du Jinqian said with an anxious look and was about to go to find them quickly, but Du Jinli quickly stopped him.

“Brother, don’t you find this place very familiar?” Du Jinli said with a deep meaning.

After being reminded by his younger brother, Du Jinqian suddenly realized that they were near his ex-wife’s home!

Due to the bad relationship between the two families, Du Jinqian rarely accompanied Zhong Qingran back to her parents’ home all these years.
Even if he had no choice but to come with her, he would always send her here in a hurry and wouldn’t even enter the door of the Zhong family before turning the car around and leaving.

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So, even though he found it a bit familiar after coming here, he couldn’t react immediately.

At this moment, Du Jinqian suddenly thought of a possibility.
His gaze met his brother’s for an instant and both of them could understand the meaning in their eyes.

“Brother, are you thinking about that as well?” Even though Du Jinli understood what his brother was thinking, he still couldn’t help asking.

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Du Jinqian looked a bit sullen and he nodded slightly.
His voice carried a hint of anger.
“Hm, I am.
With the unscrupulous style of the members of the Zhong family, they’re most likely the ones who did it.”

Originally, he had let go of the past because Zhong Qingran gave the Du family a child.
He just had to never have contact with her again in the future.

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However, he had never thought that the members of the Zhong family would be so despicable and shameless.
They were simply too much!

Lu Zijia listened to the conversation between the two of them on the side and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.
“Uncles, did you think of something?”

Du Jinli nodded.
“The members of the Zhong family live nearby.
Last time, Zhong Qingran came to request remarriage to Brother, but Brother rejected her.
She definitely won’t let it go easily, and Xiao Yuan is another way to break through.

“They better treat Xiao Yuan well, or the Du family will definitely not let the Zhong family have an easy time, even if we have to give it all out!”

Du Jinli was always smiling and people close to him rarely saw him lose his temper, but at this moment, his eyes were full of viciousness, which showed how furious he was.

“Let’s go! We’ll go to the Zhong family first.” Du Jinqian said impatiently.

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Lu Zijia nodded slightly and followed her two uncles with her man.

Five minutes later, the four of them arrived at the gate of the villa zone where the Zhong family lived.

“I’m sorry, but you’re not a resident here and you can’t go in as you please.
If you’re here to visit your family or your friends, you can tell us their information first.
We can only let you in after confirming with the residents.”

The four of them were stopped at the gate by the dutiful guard, who gave them a suggestion.

Even though Du Jinqian was impatient, the years of education he received suppressed his urge to do anything illegal like breaking into a house.

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A few minutes later, the guard, who called the resident to confirm, came back.

“Sorry, the Zhong family said they don’t know you.
Please leave.”

As the guard spoke, he looked at Lu Zijia and the others with an obviously weird gaze.

In fact, the members of the Zhong family didn’t directly say that they didn’t know Du Jinqian, but that Du Jinqian was a poor relative who came to take advantage of them, so they asked him not to let him in.

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