Du Jinqian and his brother, who were already trying their best to suppress their anger, immediately turned extremely sullen after hearing what the guard said.

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“Did the members of the Zhong family really say that they don’t know us?” Du Jinqian stared at the guard and asked while gritting his teeth.

The guard looked at the low-key luxurious car behind them and felt that they didn’t seem to be the poor relatives the Zhong family talked about.
However, since the members of the Zhong family said so, as the guard, he certainly couldn’t say anything.

So he nodded.
“Yes, please leave as soon as possible, or you’ll make it difficult for us.”

“Brother, the Zhong family has gone too far.
Let’s call the cops directly!” Du Jinli said furiously.

When Zhong Qingran took the initiative to ask his brother to remarry her before, there must be someone else from the Zhong family involved.
But now, they took the initiative to come to see them and the members of the Zhong family said they didn’t know them.
Who would believe that they weren’t up to something?

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Even though Du Jinqian was also enraged, he didn’t lose his rationality completely.
He immediately rejected it after hearing that.
“No, we still haven’t confirmed if Xiao Yuan was really taken away by the members of the Zhong family.
If it wasn’t done by the members of the Zhong family, the Zhong family would have a chance to attack us then.”

When the Du family declined in the past, the members of the Zhong family still had their eyes on them, let alone when they were revived now and had a promising future.

With the endless greed of the members of the Zhong family, they would definitely not let go unless they took a huge bite out of the Du family.

So, he definitely couldn’t give the Zhong family such a chance!

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“Then, what should we do? We can’t wait here forever, right?” Du Jinli certainly thought of the worries Du Jinqian was thinking about, but he couldn’t suppress the anger in his mind no matter what.

For so many years, the Du family had been tolerating everything, but the members of the Zhong family kept pushing them step by step.
They simply treated the members of the Du family as pushovers!

Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered as she approached her man and whispered a few words.
After blinking playfully, she turned around and returned to the car with a smile.

The Du brothers, who were frowning deeply and discussing with an indignant look, didn’t notice Lu Zijia leaving quietly.

The driver was Mu Yunhao, so Lu Zijia wasn’t afraid that he would discover anything.
After getting in the car, she directly slapped an Invisibility Talisman on herself.

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Mu Yunhao, who was originally a bit confused, subconsciously tightened his grip on the steering wheel when he saw the person disappear suddenly in the rearview mirror.

Even though he knew that Madame was a human being, he still couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous as he watched her disappear suddenly.
At the same time, a word appeared in his mind: ghost!

“Xiao Hao, why are you suddenly so nervous? I thought there was an enemy attack!”

Lu Zijia, who was about to get out of the car and leave, noticed the sudden change of emotion of Mu Yunhao sensitively.
She couldn’t help but become vigilant reflexively, but she didn’t find anything strange after that.

The sudden voice that came behind him made Mu Yunhao even more tense instantly.
“Um, no, I just thought of something else.
Madame, you’re busy.
Don’t worry about me.”

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Mu Yunhao smiled embarrassedly and tried his best to pretend that nothing had happened.

However, he sighed in his mind.
Their Madame’s sensitivity was simply too abnormal.
He was just a bit emotional, but she caught him instantly.

At this moment, Mu Yunhao suddenly realized that their Madame was so sensitive.
Then, wasn’t their Second Master completely transparent in front of her?

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