Chapter 61: Publicly Embarrassed

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply, Lu Wanyuan showed a look of realization like something had come to mind.

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“Oh, I know.
You must be here to buy talisman paper for the masters at the Special Administration Office, right?

“Sister, it seems that you’re quite popular among the masters at the Special Administration Office.”

Although Lu Wanyuan put up an envious look on her face, she was insinuating that Lu Zijia was just someone who ran errands for the masters.

Lu Zijia could certainly understand the meaning behind her words, so she smiled gently, “You know my situation at the Special Administration Office quite well.

“People who don’t know anything will think that you’re watching me!”

The daughter of a mistress was watching the daughter of the legal wife.
If this spread, it wouldn’t sound pleasant.

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Lu Wanyuan’s expression changed as she immediately explained, “Sister, you think too much.
I’m just guessing.”

“Oh? Only guessing?”

Lu Zijia showed a look of sudden realization, but her tone sounded like there was an extraordinarily deep meaning, which made people feel that there must be something fishy behind it.

As expected, the people standing around, who were listening to their conversation, all looked at Lu Wanyuan with a weird gaze.

Lu Wanyuan was quite calm.
Even when everyone was looking at her with a strange gaze, her expression only changed a little.


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When Lu Wanyuan wanted to explain for herself, the young Taoist priest among the two Taoist priests who came with her coughed intentionally to remind Lu Wanyuan that they were here.

Lu Wanyuan ignored Lu Zijia and quickly apologized to the old Taoist priest, “I’m sorry, Master Dedao.
This is my sister.

“My sister didn’t come home last night because of an unpleasant quarrel with our family.
I was a bit worried about her, so I neglected you for a moment.
Master, please forgive me,” Lu Wanyuan said pitifully to apologize to Master Dedao and smear Lu Zijia at the same time.

She must say that Lu Wanyuan’s scheming was really everywhere.

“Your sister is Lu Zijia? I heard that she was fortunate enough to enter the Special Administration Office of the Capital.

“People who can enter the Special Administration Office are all quite capable, with no exceptions.
What’s your sister good at?”

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The young Taoist priest standing next to the old Taoist priest sized up Lu Zijia in disdain with his face full of arrogance.

He immediately spoke like he was showing charity, “It happens that my master is here right now.
He may be able to teach your sister something.”

Even though Lu Wanyuan didn’t understand how Lu Zijia offended Master Dedao’s apprentice, she was very happy to see someone find fault with Lu Zijia and was willing to cooperate.

“I’ll thank you for my sister first, masters.
However, my sister can enter the Special Administration Office not because of her special abilities but…”

“Master! Master! Master, I finally found you.
That’s truly wonderful!”

Before Lu Wanyuan finished talking, an excited voice came into everyone’s ears.

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After hearing the word “master,” Master Dedao and the young Taoist priest both showed an even more arrogant look as if they were superior Taoist masters who despised mortals.

“My master isn’t available these few days.
If you want to make a reservation, wait for several days!” the young Taoist priest turned around and said arrogantly before seeing who was coming clearly.

Lu Wanyuan also thought that the person who had said that was so thrilled because he recognized Master Dedao.

However, what happened next made her a bit dumbfounded.

The young Taoist priest and Master Dedao even flushed in embarrassment as if they were being humiliated.

It turned out, after the middle-aged man rushed into the shop in a hurry, he didn’t even look at Master Dedao but ran straight towards Lu Zijia instead.

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