Of course, if they were summoned to do something bad, the judge would also have the records.
So, the ghosts of the children that were summoned could choose to do it or not.

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And what Lu Zijia asked those five ghosts to do wasn’t considered evil.
After all, the members of the Zhong family had bad intentions to begin with.
What Lu Zijia did was at most to teach them a lesson.

“Seven days is already enough suffering for them.”

Mu Tianyan didn’t think that what his greedy wife did was wrong at all.
Instead, he helped her without any principles.
“If you think it’s not enough, I can help.”

Lu Zijia was delighted by her man’s unprincipled behavior in her mind, but she still shook her head.
“No, the members of the Zhong family won’t survive if you do something.

“This matter concerns my uncles and the others, and they didn’t say how they were going to deal with the Zhong family.
If I make a move myself, they may not blame me, but it’s still a bit inappropriate.

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“So, just leave it to them!”

Even the closest family members had different choices and decisions, so she couldn’t make a decision on behalf of the whole Du family.

Besides, even if she could make a decision for the Du family right now, what about in the future? Could she continue to make decisions for them? After all, she was a cultivator and she had always stuck to her Dao heart.

As for the man next to her… she would think of a way, but only if the man was willing.

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“My wife is so clear-minded about everything.
I can’t let go of you anymore.
What should I do?”

Mu Tianyan looked at her with deep eyes.
The tenderness and strong love in his eyes almost drowned her.

Lu Zijia didn’t run away.
Instead, she went straight up.
“Then, don’t let go.
As long as you don’t let go, I’ll hold you tight and go on our own journey together.”

Lu Zijia stopped smiling and looked serious, as if she was making an oath.

Mu Tianyan suddenly stopped walking and stood face to face with her.
Both his eyes and his voice were extremely sincere.
“We’ve made a deal.
You can’t go back on your words.

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“But even if you change your mind, I’ll still hold on to you tightly and not let you go.
For generations, as long as my soul isn’t destroyed, I’ll pester you forever.

“So, my wife, you can’t escape forever.
Are you afraid?”

What Mu Tianyan said sounded very extreme, but Lu Zijia wasn’t afraid at all.
Instead, she smiled brightly and happily.

“No, as long as you’re by my side, I won’t be afraid.
Likewise, that’s also what I want to say to you.
Are you afraid?”

“No, never.
As long as you’re by my side forever, I won’t be afraid.

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“What I’ve always been afraid of is you leaving me.”

Mu Tianyan held the girl in front of him into his arms slowly and tightened his hands constantly.
There was a strong desire in his deep eyes that made people shocked.

Lu Zijia also raised her hands and hugged his strong waist tightly, making her promise.
“No, just like you said, I’ll never leave you for the rest of my life.
I’ll pester you forever.”

She was so lucky to be loved deeply by this man.
Perhaps she was reborn to meet him?

Mu Tianyan also smiled.
There was an obviously happy and gentle smile on his usually cold face.
There was even a hint of joy in his voice.
“Then, let’s seal it first.
After that, I’ll still be able to find you even if you run away.”

As soon as he finished talking, Lu Zijia’s red lips were tightly sealed.
After that, her domain was quickly invaded and she was even invited to dance happily with the passionate intruder.

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