“Of course.
I’ll be there right now.
Just send me the address.”

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After hanging up, Lu Zijia smiled brightly and quickly packed up the things on the table.
After saying goodbye to Taoist Mu Qing, she ran out in a hurry.

Taoist Mu Qing, who watched her slip away: “!!!” He hadn’t finished persuading her! Why was this little girl running faster than a rabbit?

However, seeing how firm his disciple’s wife was just then, he thought he probably wouldn’t be able to persuade her.

However, it didn’t matter.
If his disciple’s wife wasn’t going to the Martial Arts World, he would ask those shameless old fellows to come to see her in person.

Thinking of this, Taoist Mu Qing stopped thinking about persuading Lu Zijia.

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The Han family.

The three members of the Han family were sitting in the living room absentmindedly and silently at this moment.

Then, a baby’s cry came from nearby.

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Yao Shuyi, who had her head lowered and was silent at first, immediately got up and ran over after hearing the baby cry.
She took the baby, who was only three to four months old and was crying out loud, from the nanny’s hands.

“Cry, cry, cry.
Why is he always crying? Other children aren’t like him.

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“If he continues to cry like this, our family will become unfortunate.
The reason why our family is like this right now is because of this debt collector!”

Hearing that cry, Old Lady Han, who was already in a bad mood, immediately started scolding with a sullen face.

“Mom, stop talking nonsense.
How would a baby who’s just a few months old not cry?”

Han Jianmin looked exhausted and his face was a bit pale.
His right hand was still bandaged around his neck.
Hearing what his mother said about his son, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“How am I talking nonsense?”

Old Lady Han immediately flew into rage like a bomb that was ignited.
“Let me ask you.
Did your company get bad luck and did you have a car accident only after that debt collector was born?

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“Don’t say that it’s a coincidence.
These things didn’t happen sooner or later, but only after that debt collector was born.
I don’t believe there’s really such a coincidence!”

The more Old Lady Han talked, the angrier she got.
She almost pointed at her son’s forehead while scolding him, “I’ve already told you not to marry this woman, but you still insist on doing so.

“Great, more than decades after you got married, she still didn’t give you a child.
Now that she finally has had a child, she gave birth to a debt collector.
She’s obviously making the Han family suffer!”


Han Jianmin was also a bit annoyed and he couldn’t help but speak in a more stronger tone, “Mom, that’s your daughter-in-law and your grandson.
How can you say such things?

“For more than a decade, Shuyi has treated you like her own mother, respected and cared for you, and even tolerated you.
Can’t you treat her a bit better?

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“Even if you can’t treat her better, please stop saying those hurtful words, alright?”

Seeing that her son argued with her because of the daughter-in-law that she didn’t like, Old Lady Han was even more enraged.

However, she immediately thought of something and swallowed the words that were about to come out of her mouth.
She only grunted coldly to express her dissatisfaction and displeasure.

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Han Jianmin massaged his aching forehead with his uninjured left hand and didn’t continue arguing with her.

“Madame, Young Master should be hungry.
I’ll go get some milk for him.”

After Yao Shuyi took the child over, the nanny said softly and left quickly.

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