“This… This is the master?”

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Old Lady Han looked at Lu Zijia’s young face and apparently didn’t quite believe her.
“Son, are you…”

Old Lady Han wanted to ask her son if he was being deceived, but before she finished talking, Yao Shuyi interrupted her.

“Mom, I’ll go get some tea for Master.
What tea would you like?”

Even though Yao Shuyi also doubted Lu Zijia’s ability in her mind, she didn’t show it.
She even interrupted Old Lady Han in time when she doubted Lu Zijia.

In her opinion, whether Lu Zijia was capable or not, her husband asked his friend to invite her here.
If they embarrassed Lu Zijia, it would be equivalent to embarrassing her husband’s friend.

So, she didn’t care about making Old Lady Han unhappy and interrupted her forcibly.

As expected, Old Lady Han, who was interrupted, immediately widened her eyes in anger.
However, before she could fly into rage, Yao Shuyi quickly left and went to the kitchen to make tea herself.

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Old Lady Han snorted in anger when she saw this, then immediately sat heavily on the couch with her butt.

Seeing his mother making a fuss in front of the guest, Han Jianmin was both speechless and frustrated.

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However, she was his mother, so he couldn’t reproach her.

“Master Lu, I’m sorry for making a fool of ourselves in front of you.” Han Jianmin said in embarrassment.

“It’s fine.
Tell me what you want me to do for your family first!” Lu Zijia said indifferently.

She had already seen too many things in life in the cultivation world, so she didn’t think it was a big deal.

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Seeing that Lu Zijia really didn’t care, Han Jianmin was secretly relieved.

However, before he said anything, Old Madam Han spoke again, targeting Lu Zijia.

“Why do you still need us to tell you? Other masters knew after having a look.
They didn’t need anyone to tell them anything at all.”

What Old Lady Han said was obviously hinting that Lu Zijia was an impostor.


Han Jianmin was truly enraged and anxious now.
He was afraid that his mother would offend Master Lu.

At that time, it would be hard to say if Master Lu would take revenge on them, let alone solve the problem of their family.

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“I’m not wrong.”

Seeing that her son was really angry, Old Madam Han still mumbled even though she was a bit guilty.

Even though her voice was soft, Lu Zijia still heard her.


Lu Zijia neither agreed nor disagreed.
She wasn’t angered by what Old Madam Han said, nor did she have any intention of explaining.

“M-Master, I’m sorry.
My… My mother… She’s just a bit old.
She didn’t mean what she said.”

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Han Jianmin was so anxious that he broke out in cold sweat and his face instantly turned a bit pale.
Apparently, he was afraid that Lu Zijia would take revenge on Old Lady Han, who angered her.

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“It’s alright.
Tell me!”

Lu Zijia waved her hand, looking as broad-minded as ever, as if she wouldn’t bother to argue with ordinary people.

Han Jianmin observed Lu Zijia’s expression.
Seeing that she was really not angry, his anxious heart was finally relieved slowly.

After apologizing a few times in a row, Han Jianmin finally talked about what happened to their family recently.
At the same time, he kept an eye on Old Lady Han at all times to prevent her from saying anything offensive.

It turned out that a lot of big and small incidents happened to the Han family’s company about four months ago.

After the incident at the company, the members of the Han family still didn’t think that it was related to ghosts.
It wasn’t until the members got into all kinds of small accidents that Old Madam Han thought about it.

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