When Lu Zijia said “he,” she looked at the baby in Yao Shuyi’s arms.

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Apparently, she was referring to the baby.

Even though the Young Master of the Han family was born on a Yang day, Yang month and Yang year, and could resist the dark energy, he was still too young after all and his body was too weak.
He couldn’t hold on for too long.

So, if someone in the entire Han family was going to die, there was a 90% chance that the first person would be this Young Master.

“No! No, no, my son isn’t even four months old.
He can’t die.
He can’t die!”

Since this concerned her son, Yao Shuyi didn’t dare to doubt what Lu Zijia said at all.
As she spoke, she directly held her son in her arms and knelt down to Lu Zijia.

She pleaded, “Master, please.
Please save my son!

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“He’s still so young.
Master, please save my son.
I’ll do anything as long as you can save him.

“I can even give you my life.
Please, please, Master.”

“Master, please save my son!” Han Jianmin also knelt down.

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A strong man wouldn’t hesitate to bend his legs for his child.
This showed how much he loved him.

Although Old Lady Han didn’t have such a huge reaction like Yao Shuyi and her husband, she was still startled by Lu Zijia’s words.

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Her mouth opened and closed for a long time, but she didn’t dare to say anything that would upset Lu Zijia in the end.

“You don’t have to do this.
Just pay me and I’ll help you deal with the problem.
We’re just getting what we need.”

Lu Zijia said as she slowly raised her hand.
Han Jianmin and his wife felt a strong force holding their knees firmly and making them stand up.

This situation made Han Jianmin and his wife widen their eyes in excitement and disbelief.

Although Old Lady Han saw her son and her daughter-in-law stand up, she didn’t know what the two of them experienced, so she didn’t think there was anything wrong.

Before Han Jianmin and his wife spoke, Lu Zijia continued, “The source of the dark energy of the Han family isn’t in this villa, but it can envelop the entire house.
The source of the dark energy must be either the ancestral home or the ancestral tomb of the Han family.”

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Han Jianmin, who was already excited, immediately became even more thrilled.
He quickly nodded and said, “The Han family has an ancestral home and an ancestral tomb.
Every year during the festive season, we go back to worship our ancestors.”

Lu Zijia nodded slightly and didn’t say anything.
Instead, she asked, “Are you taking me to the Han family’s ancestral home right now, or do you want to meet another time?”

Without a doubt, the Han family chose to take Lu Zijia there to solve the problem immediately.

With the principle that customers were God, Lu Zijia certainly had no objection.

But before she got going, she didn’t forget to call her man.

“Hey, Ah Yan, I accepted a 50-million deal and I have to leave the capital to deal with it.”

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“Yeah, I got it through a friend.”

“Be good.
Don’t be sad.
I’ll be back soon.
Wait for me at home obediently.”

After comforting her man, Lu Zijia hung up and left with the members of the Han family.

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Mu Tianyan, who was being treated as a kid: “…”

How could he forget to give his wife all his properties he had prepared?

Thinking of not being able to see his wife for a couple days, Mu Tianyan had the urge to slap himself.

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