“Right, Master, do you think we should follow them?”

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“Alright, I’ll pick you up right away.”

After hanging up, Li Tongtong didn’t leave the house immediately.
Instead, she looked outside the window and smiled sinisterly.

“Yao Shuyi, you want to fight with me? I’ll see how much fortune you have to fight with me!

“Just wait.
Soon, I’ll make you lose your reputation and have a miserable life with your bastard son!

“I won’t let anyone who tries to take away my happiness live a happy life!”

After driving for more than three hours, they entered a relatively prosperous village.

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Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling a bit curious about this.

She had never seen such a flourishing village in the cultivation world or this world!

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“Master Lu, this is Han Village.
It became a tourist attraction a few years ago.

“There are mountains and rivers in Han Village.
There’s also a peach blossom forest not far away, so many tourists come here to travel.”

Seeing that Lu Zijia was interested in their village, Han Jianmin explained to her.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia nodded without saying anything.

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Han Jianmin couldn’t guess what she was thinking for a second, so he didn’t say anything else.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the gate of a building complex.

The building complex looked quite new.
Apparently, it had either been renovated recently or was only built not long ago.

“Master, this is our ancestral home.”

After getting out of the car, Han Jianmin wanted to open the door of the building complex and invite Lu Zijia inside.

However, Lu Zijia stopped her.
“The source of the dark energy isn’t here.
Take me to your ancestral tomb!”

When Han Jianmin heard that, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.
Apparently, he didn’t expect that she could be sure that the source of the dark energy wasn’t in their ancestral home before she even entered.

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However, he also reacted very quickly.
Seeing that it was still early, he took everyone to the ancestral tomb on the mountain behind the village.

Han Jianmin originally wanted Old Lady Han to wait at home, but she didn’t want to and insisted on coming with them.

Han Jianmin was frustrated about this, but there was nothing he could do either.
He could only help his old mother walk slowly and carefully.

They met many villagers along the way, who greeted Han Jianmin one by one.
They even treated Han Jianmin very politely.

Lu Zijia then found out that Han Jianmin was the reason why Han Village became a tourist village.

Twenty minutes later, the five of them finally came to the ancestral tomb of the Han family.

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Before reaching the tomb of the Han family, Lu Zijia felt a strong dark energy.
Without a doubt, the source of the dark energy was in this tomb.

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The ancestral tomb of the Han family looked very simple.
There was a tombstone in the front and a pile of soil behind it.

Han Jianmin first bowed to the ancestral tomb with his wife and children, then said to Lu Zijia, “Master, this is our ancestral tomb.

Lu Zijia didn’t reply immediately, but took a few steps closer and observed the pile of soil carefully.

“When was the last time your family came to worship your ancestors?” After a while, Lu Zijia asked.

“Almost six months.” Although Han Jianmin didn’t understand what she meant, he still replied honestly.

“Six months?”

Lu Zijia seemed to be deep in thought.
“Did you ask someone to dig it after that? Or did someone touch it?”

Han Jianmin was startled after hearing that.
“No, no, the elders in our village are very afraid of disturbing the deceased, so they definitely won’t touch the tomb after the deceased are buried.

“Even the juniors at home will be reminded and warned.
Besides, this place is quite far from the village.
Normally, no one will come up, let alone disturb the ancestors.”

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