As soon as Han Jianmin finished talking, the madness in Li Tongtong’s eyes became even stronger.
She looked at the three members of the Han family as if she was looking at the enemies who killed her father.

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“If it’s impossible for us to be together, why did you give me hope? You’ve gone too far and you’re too cruel.
I won’t let this go.
I definitely won’t let this go!”

After saying those harsh words, Li Tongtong wanted to turn around and leave, but Lu Zijia stood in her way.

Li Tongtong subconsciously wanted to raise her hand to push her away, but when she saw Lu Zijia’s faint smile, a chill arose in her heart for no reason.

Old Lady Han didn’t notice that there was something wrong between the two of them.
Seeing that Li Tongtong was so angry, she couldn’t help going forward to persuade her, “Tongtong, it’s my fault.
If you want to blame someone, blame me.
Don’t push yourself too much.

“Even though you can’t be my daughter-in-law, I’ve still treated you as my daughter.”

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Hearing what Old Lady Han said, Lu Zijia couldn’t help blinking.
She treated the person who almost destroyed the Han family as her daughter.
Old Lady Han was truly broad-minded!

“I’ve never wanted to be your daughter.
You know that.
Why do you have to say such things? Why do you have to hurt my feelings?”

Li Tongtong said righteously, looking like a victim resolutely.
She wanted to leave again after saying that.

However, Lu Zijia stopped her again.

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“Master Lu, we have nothing more to say to her.
Please let her go!”

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Thinking that Lu Zijia stopped Li Tongtong for them out of kindness to give them a chance to make things clear, Han Jianmin couldn’t help but smile weakly and say.

He had already said what he should and what he shouldn’t.
He really had nothing to say to Li Tongtong.

Lu Zijia looked at Han Jianmin with a weird expression.
“Are you really letting her go? Weren’t you looking for her just then?”

Han Jianmin asked her to help the Han family find the person behind this just then, and Li Tongtong was the mastermind.

“I’m looking for her?”

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Han Jianmin didn’t react for a second and couldn’t help feeling a bit confused.
But the next second, he suddenly reacted and looked at Li Tongtong with a gaze that no longer had the helplessness and guilt he had before.

“Master Lu, are you saying that Li Tongtong is the person who harmed our family?”

Han Jianmin’s pupils shrank abruptly and his face was full of disbelief.
Apparently, he had never thought that the mastermind behind this would be right next to them.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“Yeah, or do you think there’s really such a coincidence?”

The place where Li Tongtong hid just then was where the old Taoist Priest showed up.
As long as they weren’t blinded by feelings and preconceptions, they would be able to see the problem.

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Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the three members of the Han family seemed to have been hit in the head by someone and they suddenly had a clear mind.

“Tongtong, it was you? It was you!”

Putting aside the preconceptions, Old Lady Han also became clear-headed.
She certainly noticed that things were too coincidental and there was something wrong instead.

“Apart from the fact that I let you down when it came to Jianmin, I think I’ve been good to you.
I even picked on my daughter-in-law and argued with my son because of you.

“But why? How could you be so cruel that you wanted to kill our entire family?

“You said we’re cruel, but what about you? Aren’t you cruel? The four of us are living people!”

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