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Seeing Lu Zijia leave, Gu Ying subconsciously wanted to chase after her, but Lu Zijia disappeared in the blink of an eye, which made him a bit frustrated.

He finally encountered such a good boost, but he missed it just like that.
Damn it!

However, he soon forgot to be angry, because he suddenly felt a strong heat wave rising in his body, making him feel like he was in a furnace.

He wasn’t the only one who had this feeling.
Xi Rou, who was sitting on the ground in a messy state, also felt it.

Soon, the two of them, who were originally a distance away, leaned against each other without knowing and kept touching each other with their hands.
After a while, they rolled together.

However, at the last step, Gu Ying, who was already in a daze, suddenly found that his fragile area had no reaction at all!

This discovery instantly made his muddled mind much clearer.
He immediately did it himself, not believing it, but after a while, it still had no reaction.

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His first reaction was that it must have something to do with Lu Zijia’s kick just then.

However, before he thought too much, his mind was completely corroded by the drug and he could only rub against Xi Rou’s body instinctively.

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After breakfast the next day, Lu Zijia left with the members of the Han family in the car.

However, when their car arrived at the village entrance, they found a large group of people blocking the way.
They had no idea what happened.

“I’ll go and take a look,” Han Jianmin said.

He was someone from this village after all.
If something serious happened, he should know.

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Ever since Old Lady Han knew that Li Tongtong was the mastermind, she had been in low spirits.
If she saw such a situation in the past, she would definitely go to see what was going on right away.

But now, she didn’t even take a look.
Apparently, she still hadn’t recovered from Li Tongtong’s huge blow.

Even though Yao Shuyi was also a bit worried, she was still holding the child and it wasn’t convenient for her to go near the crowd, so she didn’t get out of the car.

Ten minutes later, Han Jianmin came back, but he looked very strange.

“Jianmin, what happened in the village?” Seeing that her husband didn’t speak for a long time, Yao Shuyi couldn’t help asking.

Han Jianmin looked a bit uncomfortable, but he still replied, “Someone found two people lying unconscious on the ground in the peach blossom forest this morning.”

Yao Shuyi was startled after hearing that.
“How did this happen? Did someone do that?”

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Han Jianmin shook his head.
“It shouldn’t be done by anyone.
Those two people are a couple.
I heard that both of their clothes were gone at that time and there were traces of having sex on their bodies.

“So, they suspect that the two of them had too much sex and slept on the ground for a night, so they caught a cold.
The village chief is already dealing with it now.”

After hearing that, Yao Shuyi couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.
She was afraid that Lu Zijia would also feel embarrassed, so she urged the driver to drive away.

In fact, Lu Zijia wasn’t embarrassed at all.
She was even very happy about her masterpiece!

Tsk, didn’t that pair of lovebirds like to mess around outside? So, she let them have a rough one and gave the villagers a good show at the same time.

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She really benefited herself and the villagers!

Lu Zijia was delighted in her mind.
She thought that she was truly a good person who helped people.

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In a mountain far away from the capital city.

In the Gu family’s relay station.

Several members of the Gu family were complaining with a worried look at this moment.

“It’s already been three days.
Why isn’t the package here yet? Really, if it’s not here soon, I’ll have to file a complaint!”

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