Today was the day she promised to deliver the products to that regular customer.
If she delayed the delivery right now, she wondered if the customer would leave a bad review to her Number One Elixir Store?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia felt a bit aggrieved.
She was clearly a good young lady who kept her promise.

However, when she thought that the pills she gave Taoist Mu Qing might be exchanged for Half Spirit Stones, she could break her promise once.
Ahem, she seemed to be able to do that.

“It’s alright.
If you’re tired, stop making pills.
I’ll support you from now on.”

Mu Tianyan said as he took out a card he had prepared.
He took his wife’s hand and put it in hers.

Lu Zijia looked at the black card in her hand and couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded.
Support her? He even gave her a black card.
Was he giving him all his properties?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but widen her eyes slightly and looked at Mu Tianyan as if she were looking at a rare species.

Seeing his wife’s cute reaction, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up unconsciously.
He tapped her nose with his slender finger.
“It’s exactly as you think.”

Lu Zijia: “!!!” Since when did this man know how to read minds?

However, what Lu Zijia didn’t know was that it wasn’t that Mu Tianyan could read minds, but that the expression on her face was too obvious.
It was difficult to not see it.

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“All of your properties?” Lu Zijia still asked with a bit of uncertainty.

They had just confirmed their relationship not long ago.
Wasn’t this man afraid that she would take his property and run away?


Mu Tianyan leaned over and kissed the space between her eyebrows.
“About hundreds of billions.
You can use it without worries.
If it’s not enough, you can sell the immovables.”

Mu Tianyan could be said to have unlimited love for his wife.
He almost spoiled her to the sky!

“Hundreds of billions?!!”

Lu Zijia sat up swiftly and her eyes were shining, like a mouse being put in a rice bucket.
She couldn’t be more excited!

“Hm, hundreds of billions.” Mu Tianyan nodded again and confirmed for her.

If he had known that his wife’s reaction would be so cute, he should have given it to her earlier.

Lu Zijia: “!!!” Tycoon, her man was totally a super tycoon!

Ah, no, she should be the super tycoon right now.
Her man gave all his properties to her and he was a pauper right now!

Thinking that she became a billionaire in an instant and her man became a pauper all of a sudden, this feeling… Alright, she had to admit that this feeling was really very satisfying!

“No regrets?” Even though Lu Zijia asked this question, she put the card into her pocket without hesitation.

Since she had already decided to be with this man, it meant that she would set her mind on him for the rest of her life, so she certainly wouldn’t insist.

If she insisted, she would seem distant from him, right? Right!


Mu Tianyan replied without hesitation, “You’re my wife.
What’s mine is yours.
I remember telling you this many times, but you didn’t seem to take what I said seriously.”

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Speaking of this, Mu Tianyan suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly, making him look a bit dangerous.

Lu Zijia touched her nose guiltily.
Hadn’t they not confirmed their relationship at that time? It was reasonable that she “accidentally” forgot about it… right?

However, what she said was, “Why would I? I remember everything you said.
See, I’m insisting.”

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