Lu Zijia took the tablet and started reading.
As time passed, she couldn’t help but frown.

“Your face will be ruined after using it?”

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and a touch of danger quickly flashed through her slightly narrowed eyes.

Even if the ointments she made didn’t have any effect, they definitely wouldn’t ruin people’s faces or have any side effects.

Although she left the whole process of making the ointments to her two uncles, she believed that with their cautiousness, such a huge mistake would definitely not happen.

If there wasn’t a problem with her two uncles, someone must have framed them deliberately.

This kind of drama happened often even in the cultivation world.
There was nothing strange about it.

Mu Yunhao nodded.
“Yes, actually, before this happened, the same thing happened to Three Treasures Company.

“If it weren’t for your help, Three Treasures wouldn’t have lasted for long.”

After pausing for a second, Mu Yunhao said again, “According to my investigation, the products of Three Treasures were said to ruin people’s faces last time because their rival company hired someone to put on a show and frame them secretly.

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“I think it must have something to do with that rival company this time as well, because that company has always wanted to acquire Three Treasures to expand their company.

“I’ve already asked someone to investigate that company.
Madame, you can take a look.”

Mu Yunhao said as he reached out and found the information of that rival company on the tablet for Lu Zijia to look at.

Lu Zijia read ten lines at a glance and soon finished reading the information of the rival company.
She scrolled to the end and saw a family portrait.

The family portrait showed a family of four with one son and one daughter.
They could be said to be a complete family.

And Lu Zijia happened to know their daughter.
No, she should say she had seen her once.

“Guo’s Beauty.
Does the Guo family have a close relationship with the Zhong family?” Lu Zijia asked Mu Yunhao.


Mu Yunhao nodded.
“The sister-in-law of your uncle’s ex-wife, Guo Meiyun, is the daughter of the president of Guo’s Beauty.

“Madam Guo is in charge of Guo’s Beauty.
Guo Meiyun’s father married into her family and is only a titular president who doesn’t have any real power.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but put up a mocking smile.
“So, they’re just a bunch of freaks.
No wonder they can be in-laws!”

Zhong Qingran had been married to the Du family for so many years and had taken advantage of the Du family to the extreme.
She even kicked them when they were down and swallowed the Du family bit by bit, leaving the Du family with only a beauty company.

Judging from the outside, the Zhong family didn’t exterminate the Du family completely, leaving them a way out.

But thinking of the Guo family, she understood that they weren’t leaving a way out for the Du family at all, but leaving the last piece of fat meat for their in-laws, the Guo family!

“The Zhong family and the Guo family can share blessings together.
I just wonder if they’ll endure misfortune together as well.” Lu Zijia’s voice was full of coldness.

“Thank you.
I’m going out for a while.”

Lu Zijia got up and returned the tablet to Mu Yunhao, then took out her phone and made a call as she walked out.

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“Hello, Uncle, it’s me.
Hm, I’ll go find you.
Alright, I understand.
I’ll be careful.”

After hanging up, Lu Zijia got in the car and asked the driver to drive her to Three Treasures.

In fact, she wanted to drive herself, but Mu Tianyan told her that she wasn’t suitable to drive after driving the flying car the other time.
So, she could only sit at the back obediently and wait for the driver to take her there.

In fact, she thought that she was pretty good at driving.
Mu Tianyan was just making a fuss.

If Mu Yunhao knew what Lu Zijia was thinking in her mind, he would definitely ask her, “Do you know how many red lights you ran last time and how much you got fined?”

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