“It’s the developer.
Come here quickly.
This woman is the developer of Three Treasures’ new product!”

“What? The developer? That means she’s in cahoots with Three Treasures.
We must get an explanation from her, or we can definitely not let her leave!”

“That’s right.
You must give us an explanation today, or don’t think about leaving.”

As the reporters asked, someone in the crowd suddenly shouted loudly and the others quickly surrounded Lu Zijia like crazy.

Passersby who didn’t know the situation would think that this was a gang fight!

“The developer deserves to die.
If you didn’t develop such trashy things, that girl’s face wouldn’t have been disfigured!”

“Right, the developer is responsible.
She can’t be forgiven easily.
She must go to jail!”

“The developer should be struck by lightning.
Go to Hell!”

As the “go to Hell” was uttered, an egg flew over the air with a curve, aiming at Lu Zijia who was surrounded.

However, when the egg was about half a meter away from Lu Zijia, she raised her hand and caught it easily.

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The people who were originally protesting against Lu Zijia furiously couldn’t help feeling dumbfounded when they saw this sudden scene.

Was she juggling with it?

That egg must have been cooked, right? Otherwise, how could it not shatter when thrown at such a high angle?

However, everyone soon knew if the egg was raw or cooked.

“A rotten egg?”

Lu Zijia looked at the stinky egg in her hand and raised her eyebrows with a faint smile.
“It’s not a good habit to throw rubbish around.
I’ll give you one more chance.
Throw it in the trash can!”

As soon as Lu Zijia finished talking, she tossed the rotten egg gently in her hand.
The rotten egg hit the target directly without any deviation at the original angle.


The person that the rotten egg hit after going all the way back was a young man in his early twenties.

The rotten egg hit the young man’s forehead.
The shattered egg was stinky and the egg yolk covered his face.

“Wow! It stinks!”

A group of people near that young man immediately covered their mouths and quickly moved away from him when they smelled the unpleasant smell of that rotten egg.
They looked like they were avoiding the plague.

The young man was so enraged by the reaction of the people around that he was embarrassed.
He couldn’t stand it anymore as he pushed the crowd away and ran.

Seeing the young man leave in such a messy state, people in the crowd, who were about to take out rotten eggs from their bags, put them back quietly.

It wouldn’t just be a coincidence that she could catch the rotten egg easily and throw it back so accurately.

So, in order not to get covered by rotten egg yolks, they should forget about throwing rotten eggs!

After the young man left, everyone gradually collected themselves and looked at Lu Zijia again.

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“Master Lu, you’re not talking.
Are you acquiescing to it?”

“Right, Master Lu, if you don’t give us an explanation, it’ll be difficult for us to believe that you’re innocent.”

Lu Zijia’s cold gaze landed on a young reporter with long hair and she asked a question that confused the young reporter.
“Did you buy the new products of Three Treasures?”

The young reporter was startled and he denied subconsciously, “No, Three Treasures has a bad reputation that their products ruin people’s faces.
How would I dare to buy them?”

“Right, the company’s reputation is already so bad, yet you’re still shameless enough to ask if people have bought your new products.”

“Isn’t that obvious? This developer is just like Three Treasures.
They’re all shameless and immoral people!”

As soon as the young reporter said this, the others echoed one after another.
The originally calm atmosphere immediately became aroused again.

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