As soon as Lu Zijia said this, not only the long-haired female reporter’s expression immediately changed, even the expressions of other people who knew Lu Zijia’s identity as Master Lu couldn’t help changing.

People who were close to Lu Zijia stepped back unconsciously.

Lu Zijia smiled with satisfaction at this effect.
“Do you want me to read your fortune? It’s very accurate.”

In the eyes of the long-haired female reporter, Lu Zijia’s smile was like that of a sinister devil, making her heart tremble uncontrollably and her feet even stepped back subconsciously.

“What… What are you doing?”

Even though the long-haired female reporter panicked in her mind, she thought that Lu Zijia wouldn’t dare to do anything to her in front of everyone, so she braced herself and didn’t run.

She knew that Ye Nanxi was framed and slandered.
She even read the information specifically.

However, she was still skeptical about Lu Zijia’s ability.
After all, the entire incident seemed too coincidental, which made her think that it was an act arranged by Ye Nanxi.

Her purpose was to make herself famous.

“Nothing, I just want to read your fortune for free.
Don’t worry.”

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The smile on Lu Zijia’s face became even brighter, but everyone only felt a chill in their hearts when they saw her beaming smile.

Without waiting for the long-haired female reporter to say anything, Lu Zijia directly said again, “Miss, judging from your face, you don’t seem to be suited to be a reporter.
Instead, you look like a lady in a nightclub.

“Besides, you dropped out of school when you were young.
You should at least graduate from middle school to be a reporter, right?

“So, I’m very curious.
Which newspaper has such low requirements for hiring people? It’s simply a blessing to people!”

As Lu Zijia spoke, the long-haired female reporter’s face gradually turned pale.
She looked at Lu Zijia with eyes full of fear, as if she saw something terrifying.

“You… You’re talking nonsense! Be careful, I’ll sue you for slander!” There was a tremor in the long-haired female reporter’s voice, but she still threatened Lu Zijia with a fierce look but an anxious mind.

Lu Zijia shrugged with an innocent look.
“I’m not talking nonsense.
I’m telling the truth.”

Lu Zijia said to the people around her, “If you don’t believe me, you can find someone who knows this person to prove that what I said is true.

“Oh right, if someone who knows this lady comes forward and tells me about her situation, I’ll reward you with 10,000 yuan and give you a new set of products from Three Treasures.
The maximum number of places is three, so please seize the opportunity.

“Brothers and sisters with a camera, please give this lady a direct shot so that the people watching TV get to know her.
Don’t miss the opportunity.”

The reporters with cameras: “…” Brothers, sisters… Were they really that old?

However, even though the cameramen were complaining in their minds, they weren’t hesitant with their movements at all as they aimed at the long-haired female reporter.

They were only here for news reports.
So, whether it was news about Three Treasures or not, they wouldn’t let it go.

Seeing those cameras that were suddenly filming her, the long-haired female reporter was so enraged that her face flushed.
She glared at Lu Zijia, as if she couldn’t wait to tear her apart at first.

Lu Zijia wasn’t afraid of her gaze at all.
Instead, she smiled brightly at her, looking extremely good-tempered.

“You! You win!”

The long-haired reporter said furiously, then pushed away the crowd and left in a panic.

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