“Miss, don’t go yet.
Didn’t you say I was talking nonsense just then and you want to sue me for slander? Isn’t it not good to let me go so easily?” Lu Zijia shouted loudly at the back of the long-haired female reporter.

Everyone present and everyone in front of the TV: “…”

This was the first time they had seen someone who asked others not to let her go so easily.
This had really broadened their horizons today!

However, judging from the reaction of the long-haired female reporter, there was definitely something fishy about her.

As for what was fishy, anyone with a slightly clear mind would know what was hidden inside.

The crowd, who originally wanted to seek justice out of anger, couldn’t help looking at each other after seeing their leader, the long-haired reporter, leave in a panic.

When the crowd didn’t know what to do for a second, they heard Lu Zijia speak again.

“Rumor has it that people’s faces are ruined after using the new products made by Three Treasures.
Even though I think it was made up, we’re not unreasonable people.
We can still give you an explanation that you deserve.

“However, I hope everyone knows clearly that Three Treasures is making an explanation not because our products really ruin people’s faces, but because we want to reassure the customers who support Three Treasures.”

When she called her two uncles before, she had already discussed a solution with them, so there was nothing wrong with Lu Zijia saying it now.

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They just skipped the part of the press conference.

“Then, Master Lu, how are you planning to give everyone a peace of mind?”

“Yeah, Master Lu, I’ve interviewed that girl.
Her face is indeed horribly disfigured.
And I’ve seen the packaging of the skincare products she used.
They are indeed from Three Treasures.”

After what happened to the long-haired female reporter just then, the reporters asking Lu Zijia questions at this moment were much more polite than before and even showed a bit of caution.

After all, they all knew that apart from despicable people, they couldn’t afford to offend Taoist Masters either.

Some Taoist Masters could kill people without a trace by just moving their fingers.
Who would dare to offend them recklessly?


Lu Zijia looked around and finally looked at a camera.
“Face-to-face verification.
I’m asking the victim to come here with the skincare products she used to verify it in public.

“Of course, if there’s really a problem with Three Treasures’ products, Three Treasures won’t shirk the responsibility, but if someone deliberately messes around, don’t blame us for not showing mercy.”

Lu Zijia said as she directly walked through the crowd and entered the door of Three Treasures.

After seeing what Lu Zijia did just then, no one dared to stop her, so Lu Zijia left very successfully.

Guo’s Beauty Group.

In the President’s office.

“Bang! Useless thing, you can’t even deal with small matters well.
How dare you ask for more money from me!”

Seeing the news on the TV, Guo Qianhe, who was sitting in the main seat, threw the remote control in her hand out with anger in her eyes.

“Mom, what should we do now?”

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Guo Zhongtian, who was sitting on the couch on the left side of Guo Qianhe, frowned and said worriedly, “If Master Lu is really a master, it’ll be very unfavorable for us.”

“Qianhe, actually, we don’t have to do this.
Three Treasures has a limited supply.
It can’t steal much of our business.

“Besides, the most important thing in doing business is to be peaceful with each other.
Having one more friend is better than having one more enemy.”

Yan Qing, the old man sitting on the couch on the right, persuaded his wife gently.

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