“Besides, you didn’t ask.
What should we tell you? You only need to verify the packaging.
Don’t all the products have numbers? Just check them.”

Shi Yingying said as if it was natural and right.
She didn’t think that what she said was unacceptable at all.

“F*ck, did this woman’s brain get kicked by a donkey? She thinks it isn’t a problem to wash the bottle? How are they going to test it?”

“Right, even if they want to wash the bottle, the only part that’s dirty from the trash can is the surface.
Why did they pour out the acne removal solution inside? Only an idiot would do that!”

“Pfft, how do you know she’s really an idiot? Maybe she’s just here to extort money.”

As soon as hearing this, everyone immediately looked at the Sun family with a slightly strange look.

Those who originally wanted to seek justice for the Sun family also looked at each other furiously, not knowing what to do.

“No, no, we’re not here to extort money.
Our daughter’s face was really ruined because she used your products.” Madam Sun explained anxiously.

However, her explanation sounded a bit feeble in everyone’s ears.

In fact, the bottle of the acne removal solution wasn’t thrown away by the Sun family, but by Shi Yingying.
She was also the one who suggested asking the reporters for help.

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However, Shi Yingying said that in order not to let Three Treasures think that they threw it away on purpose, she said that they threw it away because they were too angry.

After that, she heard that it would be used as evidence, so she went to the trash to get it back.

“Our daughter is so young.
Why would we joke about something like this? You have to believe us.
Our family really isn’t thinking about extorting anything.

“We just want to seek justice for our daughter and treat her face.
We’re really not extorting money.
Please believe us.
You must believe us!”

As Mr.
Sun spoke, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.
His pair of turbid old eyes were full of pleading and sorrow when he looked at the Du brothers.

Even though Du Jinqian couldn’t bear it, he wasn’t soft-hearted either.
After all, if he said he believed it, it would be equivalent to admitting that there was a problem with their company’s products.

If the Sun family didn’t conspire with someone, they were certainly pitiful, but he couldn’t lose the entire Du family and even the hundreds of employees in Three Treasures either.

Also, he remembered how Shi Yingying pulled Mr.
Sun back when he gave the bag to Supervisor Wang before.
At that time, Mr.
Sun must be trying to say that there was nothing inside, but Shi Yingying stopped him on purpose.

If she wasn’t being willful, she must be making them work for nothing, or she had another purpose.

“Even though I really want to believe you, it’s true that the acne removal solution in the bottle is gone.

“But I’ll ask Supervisor Wang to try and see if he can extract a sample from the bottle.”

After saying that, Du Jinqian looked at Supervisor Wang.
Supervisor Wang understood and started working in front of everyone.

Twenty minutes later, Supervisor Wang stopped what he was doing and shook his head at Du Jinqian.
“The bottle must have been cleaned deliberately.
There’s no way to extract it.”

Hearing the words “cleaned deliberately”, not only the Du brothers’ hearts skipped a beat, even everyone present looked at the members of the Sun family with a weird gaze.

It was something left as evidence.
How could they touch it casually? Besides, they even cleaned it deliberately.
Something felt wrong no matter what.

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