waiting for her answer.

Shi Yingying, who was ignored, showed obvious frustration on her immature face and she even glared at Du Jinli furiously.


Under the gaze of her parents, Sun Kewen, who had been looking down, nodded slightly and replied softly.

Seeing that the victim had agreed, the Du brothers, Supervisor Wang and the others put the equipment back to the car, then brought the huge group of people to the factory of Three Treasures.

The most important step for the new products of Three Treasures, whether it was the acne removal solution or the whitening facial mask, was to nourish the herbs.

And the process of nourishing the herbs was completed directly in the Du family’s villa, so they weren’t afraid to bring some people directly into their factory.

Of course, they couldn’t let everyone enter their factory.
After all, skincare products were also about hygiene, right?

Guo Zhongtian, who was hiding in the corner far away, couldn’t help showing a complacent smile as he watched the group of people leaving together.

The plan was quite successful right now.
He was just waiting for the final step.

Outside the factory of Three Treasures.

The Du family’s car stopped at the gate of the factory first and they didn’t drive in.

After all, even though the space in front of their factory was huge, it couldn’t accommodate almost a hundred cars.

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The factory manager, who received the news, rushed over in a hurry.
When he saw the huge queue of cars behind, he couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded.
Apparently, he didn’t expect so many people to come all of a sudden.

The Du family brothers didn’t hide anything either.
After explaining the situation briefly to the old factory manager, who was more than 50 years old, they asked her to bring the ten examiners and more than 30 journalists with their cameras into the factory.

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