“Thank you, Supervisor Wang.
Thank you, everyone.”

Du Jinqian took the report and smiled at Supervisor Wang gratefully, then bowed to the other inspectors to express his gratitude.

Supervisor Wang waved his hand and said with a smile, “If you really want to thank us, let us cut the line and buy a few of your company’s new products.

“You have no idea.
My wife keeps nagging me about your company’s new products.

“Unfortunately, she wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t get the products.
When she knew that I was here to work for you, she even told me repeatedly that I must ask you for some products!”

As soon as Supervisor Wang spoke, the other nine examiners also nodded constantly and looked at Du Jinqian with anticipation.

Especially the two female examiners, their eyes were as bright as lightbulbs.

Regarding this, Du Jinqian certainly agreed without hesitation and even asked the factory manager to get them right away.

Seeing that Du Jinqian agreed so quickly, Supervisor Wang and the others were very happy, as if they had found a treasure.

Especially after feeling everyone’s envious and jealous gaze, their mood inexplicably became better.

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However, at this moment, a sharp voice suddenly entered everyone’s ears.

“Impossible! You must be in cahoots with each other.
There must be something wrong with the products!”

Shi Yingying shouted loudly.
Then, without caring if the victim, Sun Kewen, was willing or not, she took off the mask Sun Kewen was wearing and exposed her horrifyingly disfigured face to everyone.


Sun Kewen, who was caught off guard, screamed in shock.
Her black eyes were full of fear as she tried to put on the mask that was hanging on her ear again with her hand in panic.

However, Shi Yingying snatched it and threw it into the crowd.

“Take a good look.
It’s not fake that Wenwen’s face became like this.
There must be something wrong with your products, or how would Wenwen’s face become like this for no reason?

“Don’t think that you can deceive all of us by putting on a show together.
Let me tell you, you must be responsible for this matter to the end.

“Otherwise, we’ll go to the police station and report you.
You’ll all go to jail.
You won’t even be able to run the company!”

Shi Yingying didn’t seem to see Sun Kewen’s resistance and her eyes that were full of tears.
She grabbed Sun Kewen’s hand with one hand and held her chin with the other, forcing her to look up so that everyone present could see the disfigured face clearly.

What Shi Yingying did made many soft-hearted people frown deeply, feeling that she was a bit too cruel.

Sun Kewen obviously didn’t want anyone to see her like this right now, but Shi Yingying still forced her to do so in public.
It really made people wonder if Shi Yingying cared about how Sun Kewen felt.

“Cousin… Cousin, let me go.
No, I don’t want to.
Cousin, please let me go.
Cousin, let me go…”

Sun Kewen struggled with all her might, trying to break free from Shi Yingying’s grip.
However, Shi Yingying exerted all her strength and Sun Kewen, who was obviously quite skinny, couldn’t break free at all.

Hearing Sun Kewen begging, Shi Yingying still didn’t let her go.
Instead, she pulled her towards the Du brothers.
“Take a good look.
Her ruined face is real!”

“Let her go first.”

Even Du Jinqian, an outsider, couldn’t stand seeing Shi Yingying’s overbearing behavior.

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Shi Yingying was about to say something when Sun Kewen’s parents rushed forward and saved their daughter from Shi Yingying’s hands.

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