But now, it seemed that not only would it not affect the sales, it might even make their products even more popular.

It was all thanks to Jiajia this time.
Otherwise, they might not have won so beautifully even if they won this round.

“Ahhh!!! God! That’s Mu Yunhao, the General Manager of the Mu Group, isn’t it?”

“Ahhh!!! Really, it’s really the General Manager of Mu Group, Mu Yunhao.
Oh my god! He looks so much more handsome in real life than on TV and in magazines! He’s totally charming!”

“Right, right! Cameras indeed deceive people!”

“Ahhh! He’s so handsome and charismatic.
I think I want to have a baby with him!”

“Dream on.
Move aside.
Even if Mu Yunhao is going to have a baby, I should be the one having his baby.”

“Just give up.
I heard that Mu Yunhao doesn’t get close to women.
How are you going to have his baby?”

“Huh? No way? He doesn’t get close to women? Does he get close to men then? Oh my god! Why are all the handsome guys gay? They’re basically forcing us women to death!”

“Right! What’s so bad about us women? Not only are we easy to push over, but we’re also soft.
God knows how hard men’s bodies are!”

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“That’s what you think, but it doesn’t mean that General Manager Mu thinks the same way.
Perhaps he doesn’t like soft ones, but hard ones?”

“Ahhh!! Why are you telling us the truth? Can’t you let us deceive ourselves and fantasize about it?”

“Right! If there is no fantasy in life, how is it different from a candle that only gleams?”

“How dare you destroy the fantasy of women? Girls, beat him up!”

Lu Zijia looked at the women, who suddenly flew into rage: “…”

Women in this world weren’t strong, but they seemed to be even more violent than she was?

Tut-tut, if anyone still dared to say that she was violent next time, she would definitely tell that person that there were many people more violent than her.

As Mu Yunhao passed through the crowd with more than ten people, the stirred women gradually calmed down and they couldn’t help but gossip and whisper at the same time.

“Why is Mu Yunhao here? Isn’t he the General Manager of the Mu Group? Is he working with Three Treasures?”

“It shouldn’t be a cooperation, right? If it’s a cooperation, he wouldn’t have to bring more than a dozen people, would he?”

“Those dozen people look like bodyguards.
Bringing more than ten bodyguards with them, they look like they’re here to fight.”

“You’ve watched too many drama series, haven’t you?”

“Right, Manager Mu is famous for being gentle and easygoing.
How would he possibly fight with someone in public?”

As everyone was whispering, Mu Yunhao came to Lu Zijia with his men and nodded at the Du brothers as a greeting.

After that, he said to Lu Zijia respectfully, “Madame, I’ve brought all three people here.”

After saying that, Mu Yunhao signaled his subordinates behind him to push out a middle-aged man, a middle-aged woman and a young man, so Lu Zijia could see them more clearly.

The faces of those three people were pale and there was obvious panic in their eyes.
Even if they were pushed out roughly and almost fell down, they didn’t dare to make a sound.

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Lu Zijia nodded slightly and immediately looked at Shi Yingying on the side as she asked, “Do you know any of these three people?”

When the three of them were pushed out, Shi Yingying already recognized one of them immediately.
Hearing Lu Zijia’s question, she immediately nodded constantly.

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