Chapter 68: Showing What She’s Got the First Time (2)

“Hm! She’s deliberately using words that are hard to grasp to trick people,” the young Taoist priest standing behind Master Dedao grunted with disdain on his face.

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Apparently, he thought that Lu Zijia and the driver had been acting in front of them from the beginning.

People around also looked at them with a skeptical gaze.
They obviously had the same thoughts as the young Taoist priest.

For this, Lu Zijia used one hand to support her chin and looked lazy, like she didn’t care at all.
She didn’t show a hint of anger because of everyone’s suspicion.

“Hm! Short-sighted.”

The driver knew these people would only think he was acting if he defended Lu Zijia more.

So, he didn’t explain anything.
When these people knew what this living immortal was capable of, they would regret it!

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The driver thought proudly in his mind as he even showed an honored look on his face.

Lu Zijia, “….”

Why did she feel like the driver was imagining something strange?

Knowing that his wife would receive help from a life changer, the driver thanked Lu Zijia with great gratitude and couldn’t wait to leave quickly.

However, there was still Master Dedao.
Even if he didn’t believe in this so-called Master Dedao, he still repressed his desire to go to the hospital to see his wife immediately so that these people would know what the living immortal was capable of.

“Sir, calm your mind.
Think about the things you want to ask in your heart and shake this golden coin turtle at the same time.”

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After the driver sat down facing Master Dedao, Master Dedao put a few copper coins into the turtle shell and gave it to the driver.

The driver did as Master Dedao said and soon gave the golden coin turtle back to Master Dedao.

After getting back the golden coin turtle, Master Dedao poured out the copper coins inside one by one.

Master Dedao then immediately moved his fingers to see the driver’s fortune, looking like a Taoist master.

The people around, who were still talking about Lu Zijia faking, all shut their mouths when they saw Master Dedao’s movements and they looked at him a bit nervously.

It was as if they were the ones who were getting their fortunes told.

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The young Taoist priest and Lu Wanyuan stared at Lu Zijia firmly, like they were afraid she would suddenly do something to deliberately disturb Master Dedao’s calculation.

Lu Zijia seemed to know what they were thinking in their minds, so she gazed at them with a faint smile.

The expressions of the young Taoist priest and Lu Wanyuan immediately changed as they felt like Lu Zijia was laughing at them.

However, the two of them were worried that they would affect Master Dedao’s calculation at this critical moment, so they repressed the anger in their minds forcibly.

A few minutes later, Master Dedao stopped his calculation with confidence all over his old face.

After stroking his chin pretending to be profound, Master Dedao said slowly, “Are you thinking about the safety of a family member?”

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Hearing that Master Dedao was right about what he wanted to ask, the driver wasn’t as excited and shocked as he was just then but only nodded gently, “Right, it’s about my wife.”

Everyone here heard the conversation between him and the living immortal, so it wasn’t surprising that Master Dedao could guess the driver still wanted to ask about his wife.

Seeing how indifferent the driver was, Master Dedao immediately turned pale.

However, he still had to maintain his image as a Taoist master in front of everyone.

“Don’t worry.
Your wife won’t die.
She’ll make it through this crisis.
If you’re willing to set up a Feng Shui array at home, it’ll help your wife recover even faster.”

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