In the video, a middle-aged man, a middle-aged woman and a young man sat in the car, looking a bit terrified.

“Who are you? What’s your identity?”

A cold male voice sounded first.
The owner of the indifferent male voice wasn’t filmed by the camera.

The middle-aged man and the others subconsciously looked at each other with anxious and nervous expressions.

“I… I’m the distant cousin of the President of Guo’s Beauty.
They’re both from the same hometown.” After a while, the middle-aged man finally answered with a tremor in his voice.

“Is the President of Guo’s Beauty you’re talking about Madam Guo Qianhe?” The indifferent male voice sounded again.

“Right, Guo Qianhe.
She’s my cousin.” The middle-aged man answered cooperatively.

“Then, why are the three of you suddenly leaving the capital and even going abroad?”

“My cousin gave us a huge amount of money to go abroad.
She even asked us not to come back for the next two years.”


“Because… Because she asked me to help her do something shady, so she asked us to hide for two years temporarily.”

“Something shady? What do you mean?”

“Finding… Finding someone to frame… frame Three Treasures.

“My cousin has always wanted to buy Three Treasures.
She was about to succeed before, but Three Treasures suddenly launched some new products, which made my cousin very angry.

“So, my cousin asked me to think of a way to make Three Treasures lose its reputation again so that she could acquire it.”

“Before? Again? Does that mean that Madam Guo Qianhe asked you to do something shady more than once?”

“That’s right.
My cousin also asked me to do the same the first time Three Treasures was accused of selling products that ruined people’s faces.

“We’re hired by her.
My cousin is the mastermind.
If you want to find someone to vent your anger on, go to my cousin.
Everything was her idea.”

“What evidence do you have to prove that what you said is true?”

“A recording.
I have a recording to prove that everything I said is true.
My cousin isn’t a kind person.
If I don’t leave a trump card and something happens, she’ll definitely push me out to be her scapegoat!

“Also, she transferred a sum of money to our overseas accounts.
You’ll know when you check it out.

“But she’s so cunning.
The money she transferred to us definitely didn’t go directly from her card.”

The video ended here.

Looking at the black screen on the TV, people present only reacted after a while, followed by a clamor of voices.

“Damn! I told you before that someone must have framed Three Treasures on purpose.
The facts have proven that what I said before was right!”

“Pfft, didn’t Shi Yingying say just now that someone hired her to frame Three Treasures on purpose? You’re so shameless to make such an afterthought.”

“But to be honest, if I didn’t watch the video, I really wouldn’t believe that it was done by the President of Guo’s Beauty.”

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“Right, she doesn’t seem like a sinister person in the magazines and on TV.”

“That’s why you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Don’t ever believe someone’s appearance, because appearances deceive people.”

“To be honest, Three Treasures is really a bit pitiful.
They were framed twice on purpose.
They’re really unlucky.
Luckily, they survived both times, or the despicable people would really succeed.”

“Right, right, if this despicable person succeeds, we won’t have any good skincare products to use.”

After the scene quieted down a bit, Lu Zijia asked the middle-aged man, “Do you admit that what you said in the video just then is true?”

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