“What’s wrong with that? Since I was little, you haven’t done much for me to worry about.
I can’t be happier if there’s something for me to worry about right now.”

Taoist Mu Qing knew that his disciple was cold on the outside and on the inside, but he was a good person.

At least he wasn’t like other people, who were double-faced.
He looked like a good person on the outside, but was extremely filthy inside.

Ever since he stepped on the path of Martial Artists, he had seen too many betrayals.
Even a master and his disciples, or a father and his son, could kill each other for a treasure or spiritual plant.

However, he believed that his disciple wouldn’t.
When he went deep into Poison Valley to look for the stone that was considered a treasure back then, he almost couldn’t get out of it.

Luckily, his disciple found the Poison Valley fearlessly and saved him, who was only left with half his life.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lived until now.

So, he was indeed right about his disciple!

Thinking of this, a proud look appeared on Taoist Mu Qing’s old face uncontrollably.

Lu Zijia: “???” Wasn’t this change of expression not quite matched with what he said?

Lu Zijia suddenly realized that Taoist Mu Qing’s way of thinking was even more difficult to understand than hers.

“Right, you’re about to break through.
Find a world as soon as possible.
I’ll guard you.” After being proud, Taoist Mu Qing said to Mu Tianyan.

“Alright, I’ll get ready as soon as possible.”

He would only have the possibility of challenging the leader of the Mu family after he broke through to level five of Ancient Martial Arts.
So, the faster he broke through, the better.

“Do you need my help?”

Lu Zijia had already heard from Mu Yunhao that Mu Tianyan was kicked out of the main family of the Mu family in detail.
She certainly supported her husband if he wanted to take revenge for himself right now.

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The corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up slightly.
He subconsciously caressed her head with his big hand.
The feeling in his hand made him reluctant to stop.

Lu Zijia, who felt like she was being treated like an animal, couldn’t help but look at her man a bit speechlessly.

Why did her man like to pet her so much? She was clearly a human, not an animal!

But why did she feel so comfortable being touched in her mind?

Damn, was her original form in her previous life some kind of animal?

Mu Tianyan was very efficient.
He said he was going to make a breakthrough the day before and had already started the next day.

And Lu Zijia had already felt that she was on the verge of breaking through.
She only delayed it temporarily because of the series of events.

However, delaying the breakthrough wasn’t totally bad.
At least, it could make her spiritual power more solid.

Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan shut themselves in to cultivate and make a breakthrough at the same time, which made the entire Mu family on guard and the atmosphere became a bit heavy.

Even the golden pagoda that always liked to cause trouble, became much more well-behaved.

Lu Zijia, who was making a breakthrough in seclusion, had no idea that people outside were in chaos because of her.

No, to be precise, it was for the scar removal ointment that Lu Zijia took out before but hadn’t been officially launched yet, which caused a huge furor.

In less than a day, the official website of Three Treasures was flooded by passionate and crazy netizens, so the system directly collapsed several times.

The technicians, who had repaired it again and again, almost cried.
Damn, that was too destructive.
They couldn’t handle it!

The technicians almost burst into tears, while the customer service officers in charge of answering the calls directly cried.

The phones had never stopped ringing all day and night.
They were so hungry!

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