The worst thing was that every person who called wasn’t asking them about the after-sales problem, but to urge the company to launch the scar removal ointment quickly.

That method of urging simply changed their worldview!

For example, they threatened them, begged them, cried miserably, and even drew a fortune stick for their company, saying that their scar removal ointment would be best launched today.

Regarding this, the customer service officers dealt with them politely while rolling their eyes.

Best launched today? They hadn’t even seen a sample yet.
How could it be launched?

Besides, it was useless to beg and threaten them.
They only worked for the company!

The most important thing was that they were just customer service officers! It had nothing to do with them when the company was going to launch the ointment, alright? They couldn’t make the decision at all!

Their company’s business wasn’t good before and they were worried that they would lose their jobs.
Now that the company’s business was good, they wanted to cry as well.

The customers their company had to deal with were too f*cking weird.
They were almost overwhelmed!

However, what was worth rejoicing was that their company’s business had been blooming lately, so their boss directly gave them several times the bonus.
It was simply awesome!

So, even if the customers were so weird, they were still very willing to deal with them.

And the Du brothers, who were the decision-makers of the company, actually felt like crying too.

After what happened yesterday, the originally declining sales immediately increased exponentially.
Even if ten thousand boxes of whitening facial masks and ten thousand bottles of acne removal solution were released every day, they would still be sold out in less than a minute.

The Du brothers were very impressed by the speed of people’s hands.

However, the thing that troubled the Du brothers the most right now was the scar removal ointment Lu Zijia took out yesterday.

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As the decision-makers, the Du brothers not only suffered from the torture of their customers, but even their underlings in the company also urged them to decide on the launch date without being afraid of dying.

Even their close friends called them a few times a day.
The Du brothers were both frustrated and happy about this.

Before yesterday, they had no idea that Lu Zijia had developed a scar removal ointment.

They originally planned to ask their niece after everything was done.

In the end, they received a message from their niece early this morning, saying that she had something to do these few days and would temporarily turn off her phone.
She would only turn it on after everything was dealt with.

For this, the Du brothers could only smile wryly.

It was indeed their niece’s style to suddenly disappear again after making such a huge furor.

But it was fine.
After all, they couldn’t even keep up with the production of the whitening facial mask and acne removal solution right now.
It was better to delay the launch of the scar removal ointment.
After all, their niece was the most important.

While the Du brothers suffered in the company, the other members of the Du family weren’t spared either.

Many people even paid a visit to the Du family in order to buy the scar removal ointment as soon as possible.

As a result, the number of customers in the Du family had not decreased since early in the morning.
In fact, there were even more and more of them coming.
The entire first floor was almost full!

Compared to the busy Du family, the Zhong family seemed a bit too quiet.

The Zhong and Du families were in-laws.
Logically, when the Du family became popular, the Zhong family should also benefit from it.

And yet, Zhong Qingran divorced Du Jinqian and she even abducted the grandson of the Du family.
The Du family was so enraged that they said they would never have contact with the Zhong family again.

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