“Dad, what do you think?” Zhong Chengwei ignored Zhong Qingran and directly asked Mr.

Zhong glared at Zhong Qingran with displeasure.
“The Zhong family fell out with the Du family because of you.

“I’m only asking you to come with us to apologize right now, and you’re still unwilling to do that.
Let me tell you, if you don’t want to do so, pack up and get out immediately!”

If the attitude of Zhong Chengwei, her brother, made Zhong Qingran furious, then Mr.
Zhong’s attitude could be said to be unbelievable and even unacceptable.

“Dad, I’m your daughter.
How can you…”

“Why not?”

Before Zhong Qingran finished talking, Mr.
Zhong interrupted her coldly, “You don’t care about the life and death of the Zhong family’s company anymore.
Why should I care about the life and death of an unfilial daughter like you?”

“I… I… You…”

Zhong Qingran was anxious and furious.
In the end, she looked at Madam Zhong.
“Mom, help me quickly.
I’m Dad’s daughter.
How can he treat me like this?”

However, Madam Zhong, whom she looked forward to getting help from, said something even more merciless.

“I already told you not to marry Du Jinqian.
Great, our company is in trouble now.
Are you happy?

“You’re already a married daughter.
I’m already kind enough to let you come back to live here, but what about you? How did you treat me and your Dad?

“If you didn’t cause so much trouble, would something happen to the company? Would we need to be bothered by this right now?

“I’m only asking you to go with us to apologize right now and you’re not willing to do so? Do you take our company seriously?

“If you don’t care about the company, leave.
I can still live without you!”

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Madam Zhong was already angry in her mind.
Zhong Qingran was undoubtedly walking into a bullet.

Even though she didn’t want to yield and apologize to the Du family either, they couldn’t do anything right now.

“Mom, you…!”

Zhong Qingran directly cried out of anger this time.
The disbelief in her eyes was so obvious.

The people in front of her were her biological parents.
How could they say something so outrageous?

However, no matter how aggrieved Zhong Qingran felt, she still followed them to go to the Du family to apologize in the end.

However, the members of the Zhong family had never thought that the Du family might not accept it even if they were willing to apologize to them.

Unexpectedly, they couldn’t even get through the entrance of the community where the Du family lived.

“My daughter is married into the Du family.
Why can’t we go in? Do you not want to be the guard here anymore?”

Seeing that the guard at the entrance didn’t allow them to enter, Madam Zhong, who had never suffered such disrespect, immediately grabbed her daughter furiously and said to the guard sharply.

The guard glanced at Zhong Qingran with a weird gaze.
“Miss Zhong has already divorced Mr.
Du has said that he won’t see anyone from the Zhong family in the future.

“So, please leave as soon as possible.
There are still a few cars behind waiting to be registered!”

“You… Sure.
I’ll complain about you right now!”

Madam Zhong was so enraged that her face turned pale.
She took out her phone from her bag, as if she was really going to make a call to complain.

The guard didn’t panic when he saw this.
Instead, he was very calm and there was even a hint of disdain in his eyes when he looked at the members of the Zhong family.

As the guard of the community, he more or less knew something about what happened between Du and Zhong families.

After knowing that Zhong Qingran, a mother, actually kidnapped her own son, he despised the members of the Zhong family even more.

And now, the Zhong family were still shameless enough to come here.
People were truly invincible when they were shameless!

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