“No, Xiao Yuan is back.”

Zhong Qingran explained anxiously and pointed at the car that was driving over not far away.

Zhong Chengwei’s eyes glittered and he said, “Go talk to your son.
You should know what to say.
I’ll drive to the side.
We’ll wait for you in the car.”

After saying that, he got into the driver’s seat directly without giving Zhong Qingran a chance to reject him.
He started the car and drove to the roadside so the car wouldn’t block the way.

They were already embarrassed enough today, so they certainly didn’t want to continue embarrassing themselves with Zhong Qingran.

Although the people behind couldn’t hear what the two of them were whispering, they saw Zhong Qingran pointing at the black car that was driving towards them.

Many people immediately recognized it when they saw the license plate.

“That’s the Du family’s car.
The grandson of the Du family should be back from school at this time.”

“The grandson of the Du family? No wonder Zhong Qingran didn’t get into the car with them.
She’s waiting for the grandson of the Du family!”

“Tut-tut, things didn’t work out on adults and they’re doing something on the child.
How shameless.”

“I know right? She even kidnapped her own son before.
I wonder what she wants to do now.”

“Let’s not go in in a hurry.
Help keep an eye on them.
If the Zhong family wants to do something again, we can help too, right?”

“Right, we’ve waited for so long anyway.
We might as well wait for a while longer.”

The members of the Zhong family couldn’t help feeling extremely frustrated when they saw that the rich women and young ladies still weren’t leaving after they made way.

However, because of the family backgrounds of those people, the members of the Zhong family didn’t dare to say anything, even though they were extremely frustrated.


The security guard knew all the cars of the Du family.
He lowered his head and saw that he also knew the driver, so he directly let them in.
They didn’t need to queue up to register like people who weren’t residents.

Zhong Qingran stood in front of the iron gate, waiting for the car to come.

However, the driver of the car had no intention of stopping, which made Zhong Qingran furious.
She ran to the car in rage and wanted to stop it.

The driver didn’t expect her to do such a dangerous thing at all and he subconsciously stepped on the brakes abruptly.

Seeing that he didn’t run into Zhong Qingran, the driver immediately turned to look at Du Jingyuan in the backseat.
“Young Master, are you alright?”

Du Jingyuan shook his head gloomily.
“I’m fine.
Uncle Huang.
Let’s go home quickly!”

In fact, he had already seen his mother before the car stopped.
He just didn’t like his mother now and was even a bit afraid of her.

So, he didn’t want to be with his mother.

“Alright, Young Master, don’t be afraid.
I’ll send you home right now.”

Seeing that he was fine, the driver was secretly relieved.
He immediately honked twice, hoping that Zhong Qingran, who was blocking in front of the car, would make way.

However, not only did Zhong Qingran not move away, she even banged on the hood of the car heavily twice.
“Get out of the car.
I have something to say to my son alone.”

The driver didn’t get out of the car, but opened the window.
“Miss Zhong, please make way.”

“I told you to get out of the car.
I want to talk to my son alone.
Are you deaf?”

Zhong Qingran’s mind was already full of anger.
And now, even the driver didn’t listen to her, so she couldn’t help feeling even more furious.

Hearing what Zhong Qingran said like she was giving orders, the driver’s face turned sullen.
“Miss Zhong, you’ve already divorced Master.
Besides, the divorce letter says that you can’t see Young Master without Master’s permission.”

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