“Why is it impossible? My disciple’s wife is a peerless genius like my disciple.”

Taoist Mu Qing had a proud look on his face.
In the eyes of the other five elders, he looked extremely annoying.

“Right, speaking of your disciple, he’s really quite lucky.
He’s someone with great fortune.”

“Right, someone with great luck must be extraordinary.”

“You must be envious.
Anyway, no matter how envious you are, you can’t find a peerless genius disciple like I did.
I even found a disciple’s wife who’s also a peerless genius.”

The five elders: “…” Their hands were so itchy.
What should they do? Could they beat him up first before exchanging for pills?

“Stop, stop, let’s exchange the pills first.” Only after getting the elixir could they beat this bastard, Old Qing, up!

“Right, right, right, let’s change the pills first!” After getting the pills, they would definitely beat him up to their hearts’ content!

“If you don’t want the talisman, this bamboo flute weapon should be fine, right? I got this from a cave in Poison Valley.
It’s definitely not an ordinary item.”

The slightly chubby old man put away the Exorcizing Talisman and took out a bamboo flute from his body while feeling heartbroken.

In order to exchange for better-quality pills, he had paid a huge price.

Seeing the bamboo flute that the chubby old man took out, Taoist Mu Qing’s eyes immediately brightened.

He had been coveting this bamboo flute for so many years.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it even after using all his means.

He had never thought that he would unexpectedly get it today without any effort, which simply made Taoist Mu Qing overjoyed.


PLease reading on Myb o x no ve l.

Taoist Mu Qing seemed to be afraid that the chubby old man would regret it.
He reached out and grabbed the bamboo flute swiftly, hiding it on his body.

Looking at him, the chubby old man immediately regretted it.
He should have asked for one more pill!

However, since things had already come to this point, this was the only way.

Anyway, in their eyes, the White Steel Stones were just useless stones, the kind that nobody would pick up even if they were thrown on the ground.
But now, three pieces of it could be exchanged for one pill.
It was simply no different from picking the pills up.

Of course, they also knew clearly that Old Qing was doing this for the sake of their friendship, or it wouldn’t be at such a price.

“Which one do you want, Vitality Pill or Xuanyun Pill?”

Taoist Mu Qing asked the chubby old man after hiding the bamboo flute completely.

At the same time, he took out a few jade bottles from his body and put them on the table one by one.

The five elders immediately had the urge to snatch them when they saw them.
Damn, it was truly a test of their composure!

Facing the envious and jealous gazes of the five people, Taoist Mu Qing was extremely complacent in his mind.

He had been feeling frustrated for three years since the incident with his disciple.
He could finally hold his head high today!

“I want two Vitality Pills and one Xuanyun Pill.” The slightly chubby elder immediately answered.
Apparently, he had already made up his mind.

Taoist Mu Qing also gave him the pills directly.

After getting the pills, the chubby elder immediately found an empty spot on the side and sat down cross-legged, trying the effects of the pills himself.

They had only seen the effect of the pill Taoist Mu Qing took before and hadn’t tried them themselves, so the chubby elder was so eager to try after getting the pills.

When the other four elders saw this, they immediately urged Taoist Mu Qing to exchange pills with them quickly as well.

There weren’t many weapons suitable for Martial Artists in this world.
Many Martial Artists only had one weapon.

So, the other four elders couldn’t take out any extra weapons, let alone weapons that satisfied Taoist Mu Qing.

Feeling frustrated, Taoist Muqing relaxed the conditions in the end and directly allowed them to use money to compensate for the price.

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