Seeing the two wooden boxes, the members of the Zhang family couldn’t help looking confused.
Apparently, they didn’t understand what Mu Tianyan was doing.

Mu Tianyan noticed their confused look, but he didn’t explain.
He directly put the two wooden boxes on the coffee table and opened them straight away.


When the five members of the Zhang family saw what was inside the two boxes, they couldn’t help but gasp at the same time and almost jumped up without manners

“P-Pills? Are these all pills?”

Looking at the two boxes full of round pills, the Great Elder of the Zhang Family felt like he was about to suffocate!

Having lived for more than half of his life, he had never thought that he would see so many pills one day.
He was totally frightened to death!

The other three elders had the same thought as the Great Elder of the Zhang family, while Zhang Munian’s eyes were glittering, like a hungry wolf seeing a huge piece of meat.

If it weren’t for the presence of Mu Tianyan, this evil god, he would have pounced on them directly!

Damn, he had never known that pills that were so difficult to find in the past would one day appear in front of his eyes like candies.
This moment was simply the peak of his life!

“That’s right.
These are all orders from the members of the Zhang family.
Although the other orders are a bit small, there are a lot of them.
So, apart from the 100 plus pills ordered by the seniors, there are a total of 2650 pills altogether.
Seniors, please check.”

Mu Tianyan said as he took out a few pieces of A4 paper and gave them to the Great Elder of the Zhang family.
“The names of the people who made an order and the number of pills each of them purchased are written here.
Please take them back and distribute them.”

2650 pills was an astronomical number for the alchemists in this world.
It was totally an impossible task.

And yet, Lu Zijia finished making them in just ten days.

In fact, Lu Zijia was cheating.

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com ,Please!

Lu Zijia was the Master of Golden Core in her previous life.
Although she was reborn in another world, her soul was still the same.

So, Lu Zijia, who was only at the Qi practicing level right now, had the soul power of the Master of Golden Core.
With the help of the golden pagoda, Lu Zijia could refine seven or eight furnaces of pills at the same time.

Of course, the reason why she could succeed was only because the Vitality Pill and the Xuanyun Pill were both levelless pills.

Lu Zijia wouldn’t be able to refine so many furnaces of pills at the same time if those were pills with a level.

At least not now.

“2650… this… this…”

Even though they already knew that there were a lot of pills just by looking at it, the five members of the Zhang family still couldn’t help swallowing after knowing the exact number.
The shock in their minds still couldn’t be calmed after a long time.

If they brought these two thousand pills back to the family, the overall strength of the Zhang family would definitely rise to a higher level in an extremely short time.

It was even very likely that they would become the leader of the four most powerful families.

Thinking of this possibility, the four elders of the Zhang family immediately became more excited.
Their faces flushed seriously.

People who didn’t know anything would think that the four of them were drunk!

After a long time, the five members of the Zhang family finally came back to their senses like they were in a dream.


Zhang Munian, who finally lost control of himself, pounced on the two boxes of pills without caring if Mu Tianyan, the evil god, was there or not.
These pills already belonged to the Zhang family anyway.

What he pounced on were their pills, so Mu Tianyan, the seller, couldn’t beat him up, could he?

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