In a manor in the capital city.

“Old Qing really knows how to choose his seclusion time.
He’s really making us anxious!”

“Right? And yet, Old Qing’s disciple-in-law is also in seclusion.
Yan came out of seclusion, but he won’t listen to us.
This is truly making me so anxious!”

“Ah, if I had known this, I would have been so thick-skinned back then and asked Old Qing to sell me a few more pills.”

“I know right? Ah!”

“Ah, I’m regretting it! I’m so angry!”

The five old men sat at the table and the expressions on their old faces were surprisingly the same.
They were all frustrated.

“But speaking of which, even though a few pills are a bit less, we’re still better than those old fogeys of the Zhang family who don’t have a single one.
If they find out about this, they’ll definitely regret it so much that their faces turn green.”

“Haha, you’re right.
We can’t cultivate peacefully right now anyway.
Why don’t we contact those old guys?”

“Alright, I’ll call them.”

“Make a video call and let them have a good look at the pills we got.
Let them be envious.”

“Right, right, right, I’ll take out my pills first!”

The five elders, who had lived for more than a hundred years, were like children right now, showing off their treasures to their friends.

The video call was soon picked up.

However, before the five elders started showing off, they were shocked by the scene on the phone.

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“I… I… I must be seeing things.
Right, right, I must be seeing things!”

“I… I think I’m seeing things too.
No, no, I have to go take a look.
Calm down, calm down.”

“Wait, I’m coming with you!”

However, even though they said so, the five of them had no intention of moving.
They even stared at the screen of the phone without blinking.

“F*ck! Did you four bastards rubb mud into balls to mess with us?”

“Yeah, definitely.
Otherwise, how would there be so many pills? Pills are so precious.
How could they possibly be stored in a box like worthless candies?”

“Right, you four bastards, you’re still playing with mud at such an old age.
You’re truly shameless!”

The five old men, who thought they were deceived, immediately started ridiculing the few people in the video.

The Great Elder of the Zhang family, who was in a good mood, didn’t mind the ridicule of the five of them and was still happy.

“Heh, just be envious, jealous, and resentful.
Anyway, no matter how envious, jealous, and resentful you are, these pills can’t possibly be yours.

“However, I can still let you see a bit of it.
Take a look at them now, or you won’t be able to see them again in the future.”

The Great Elder of the Zhang family said proudly and even gave the two boxes of pills a close-up shot.

“Bah, you shameless old man, who are you fooling? Those balls are obviously made of mud.”

“Right, the four of you are really getting worse as you live.
This is a real pill.
Look carefully.”

The white-browed elders among the five elders took out a pill and showed it to the four elders of the Zhang family on the screen with a close-up shot.

However, the four elders of the Zhang family weren’t envious at all.
Instead, they showed slight disdain.

“Hey, one pill is nothing.
Our entire Zhang family has 2650!”

The Fourth Elder of the Zhang family, who couldn’t wait any longer, finally said the main point.
He was smiling so beamingly, almost like a chrysanthemum.

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