“Believe us.
Didn’t Old Qing ask you to go to his place?

“Old Qing also said that he has a disciple-in-law, right? Then, did you know that his disciple-in-law opened a pill store online? We bought these two boxes of pills from that store.

“Haha, What do you think? Are you envious? Do you want them so badly? But we’re not giving them to you.
We;re not giving them to you.

After saying that, the Zhang family hung up!

The five old men, who originally wanted to show off to their old friends, watched their friends show off instead.

Damn! What was wrong with this world? Since when did pills that were difficult to find become so common?

The white-browed old man among the five of them was the first to react.
He disappeared on the spot with a whoosh.

“Wait for us!”

The other four elders also reacted and quickly chased after him.
The five of them went straight to the old mansion of the Mu family.

After knowing from one of the secret guards that the two boxes of pills in the Zhang family were real, the five of them were totally stunned.

They even doubted if they were dreaming right now.
Otherwise, who would be willing to sell so many pills?

Besides, there were more than 2600 pills.
How many alchemists were needed to refine them?

However, the facts proved that they really weren’t dreaming, because they all felt pain when they pinched each other.

After confirming that they weren’t dreaming, they immediately said that they also wanted to order 2,000 pills.
However, the secret guard rejected them politely.

The reason was that the price on the online pill store had increased and stock was limited.

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com ,Please!

Of course, the most important thing was that their Madame was still in seclusion right now and it was impossible for her to refine pills for the elders at all, let alone more than two thousand.

The five of them were very disappointed and frustrated, but they made up their minds.
After Taoist Mu Qing came out of seclusion, even if they had to be thick-skinned, they would squeeze out all the pills in Taoist Mu Qing’s body!

In order to stop Taoist Mu Qing as soon as possible, the five elders came to the old mansion of the Mu family almost every day for the next few days.
Mu Tianyan didn’t care about this at all.

Because with these five people around, the Mu family would have five more masters, so they wouldn’t have to be afraid that someone would break into the old mansion of the Mu family rashly.

On the fifth day after Mu Tianyan came out of seclusion, the person he was waiting for finally showed up.

“Second Master, the leader of the Mu family is on the way.
He should be here soon.” Mu Yunhao knocked on the door and entered the study as he reported to Mu Tianyan.

Mu Tianyan’s hand that was holding the fountain pen paused.
After signing his name as usual, he closed the document, got up and walked out.

“The five seniors also came today.
Do you need to ask them to leave first?” Mu Yunhao followed behind him and said again.

“No.” Mu Tianyan said calmly.

Mu Sheng must have brought a lot of people with him this time.
With the five seniors in the house, Mu Sheng would more or less be a bit cautious and wouldn’t dare to play any tricks.

About a kilometer away from the old mansion of the Mu family, a few cars were moving quickly.

In the car at the front.

“Junior, don’t worry.
We’ll definitely take revenge for you this time.”

“That’s right.
Mu Tianyan has gone too far.
How dare he treat you like this? He doesn’t take us seriously at all.
If we don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll really think that he’s still the peerless genius he used to be in the past!”

“Thank you, seniors.”

Mu Shiyou was not very enthusiastic about the two indignant seniors who said they would take revenge for her.

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