Mu Tianyan had a lot of wounds on his body, so his clothes would certainly be torn and tattered.
Together with the blood stains, he looked like a beggar who just came out of the garbage.

Lu Zijia, who compared her man to a beggar, felt a bit guilty in her mind.

However, her man really looked like a beggar right now.
This metaphor was right!

Of course, even if her man looked like a beggar, he was still the most handsome beggar.

Mu Tianyan glanced at her speechlessly.
How would he not know that she already knew the answer?

However, he still answered cooperatively, “No, I’ll get changed after you eat.”

Mu Tianyan replied as he thought to himself that he should prepare some cooked food that could immediately be heated up for his wife when she went into seclusion next time.

Hearing the expected answer, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up even more and a smile appeared in her bright eyes naturally.

Lu Zijia seemed to remember something right away.
“Right, my strength has increased now.
I can draw one more inscription for your sword.
I’ll draw it for you later!”


Mu Tianyan agreed without hesitation, not worried that Lu Zijia would break his weapon.

“If you don’t like dealing with them, you can leave them to Yunhao.” Mu Tianyan suddenly said again.

Lu Zijia blinked and soon understood what he meant.
“It’s not that I don’t like to deal with them.
I’m just so hungry.
I want to eat first.”

Lu Zijia was especially honest when she was facing her man.

Hearing his wife’s reason, Mu Tianyan didn’t know how to react.

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The noodles with eggs and vegetables were ready very soon.
Lu Zijia didn’t care about how hot it was and she ate a few mouthfuls consecutively, making her slightly painful stomach feel better.

After eating half of the noodles, Lu Zijia finally noticed that her man was still sitting on the side, waiting for her to finish.

“Go get changed first.
It’s uncomfortable.
You can take a shower, but not too long.” Lu Zijia reminded him as she ate.

Mu Tianyan looked at her cheeks that were full of food and there was a hint of smile in his deep eyes.
His slender fingers squeezed her fair cheeks.
“Alright, I’ll be down soon.”

Lu Zijia, whose face was squeezed even when she was eating: “…” How much did her man like to squeeze her face? Was her face really so nice to squeeze?

In order to prove her guess, Lu Zijia raised her hand and squeezed her face.

However, she didn’t feel that it was nice.
Instead, she thought that squeezing her man’s peerlessly handsome face felt better.

After Lu Zijia finished eating the noodles, Mu Tianyan really came back down soon after a while.

The Fourth Elder and the others also came in right away.
All of them were smiling beamingly.
Apparently, they were quite satisfied with the pills they got.

The five of them said that they wanted to buy a huge amount of pills from Lu Zijia, but before Lu Zijia replied, Mu Tianyan rejected them.

The reason was that Lu Zijia was the only one who was refining the pills and she couldn’t meet their demands.

As for the 2,000 plus pills sold to the Zhang family before, they were all accumulated over many years.

The five of them believed what Mu Tianyan said, because they all believed that it was impossible that someone could make more than 2,000 pills in a short time.

If someone could really do that, it would definitely stir the entire Martial Arts World! It might even attract unnecessary trouble.

So, before making those pills, Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan had already discussed this.

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