Although the five of them were a bit disappointed, they could understand.

Besides, there were only ten pills sold on Lu Zijia’s online pill store every day, which meant that Lu Zijia could refine ten pills a day.
That was already a huge amount.

After all, most of the alchemists in their families might not even be able to refine ten pills a month.

By that time, as long as they stayed in front of their phones or computers, they would probably be able to get the pills.
That was pretty good too.

If they really couldn’t get them, there was still Old Qing, right? Old Qing could definitely get them, right?

Taoist Mu Qing, who was meditating and cultivating, suddenly felt a chill wind and his body shook reflexively.

Even though they didn’t get the pills they wanted the most, the five of them still gained quite a lot.

For example, the talismans Lu Zijia had right now were all bought by the five of them and the price they offered wasn’t low either.
Lu Zijia couldn’t help but exclaim that the price of talismans in the past was too low!

After the five of them left, Mu Yunhao came in.

“Second Master, Madame, many people outside already know that the Zhang family bought a lot of pills from us.”

Even though the members of the Zhang family could hide it, they couldn’t hide it completely.
After all, when a family suddenly had so many more pills, other families would more or less receive some news.

Besides, when someone came to ask around, Mu Yunhao and the others didn’t hide anything intentionally as discussed before, so the news spread very quickly.

Lu Zijia was very satisfied with this.

As long as her identity as an alchemist spread out and she became famous enough, she wouldn’t have to be afraid that someone would dare to attack her easily.

“Ten pills will still be sold on the online store every day, but if someone uses Half… White Steel Stones to exchange for the pills, they can get them first.”

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Lu Zijia was speaking so quickly that she almost said Half Spirit Stones.
Luckily, she reacted in time and corrected herself.

Even though Mu Yunhao didn’t know why their Madame wanted the useless White Steel Stones, he believed that she must have her reasons for doing so.

“Alright, Madame, I’ll spread the news.” Mu Yunhao replied respectfully.

As Mu Tianyan’s right-hand man, Mu Yunhao was very busy.
He left to continue with his work after reporting.

Lu Zijia, who finally got free, asked Mu Tianyan to take out his Sacred Dragon Sword.

Lu Zijia sat and got ready to work as she explained to her man, “I’m drawing a thunder inscription later.
When you put your internal energy into the sword, you’ll be able to activate the power of lightning.

“Don’t underestimate the power of lightning.
As long as the power of lightning is used well, it can surprisingly achieve unexpected effects.”

For example, the thunder spell she cast on the golden pagoda caught Mu Sheng off guard.

And when Mu Tianyan heard what she said, he also remembered the scene where Mu Sheng was burnt.

“The power on the black cat before was the power of lightning?”

Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at his wife with a faint smile.

The longer he spent time with his wife, the more he realized that she had many secrets.

But it didn’t matter.
He just had to wait.
He had to wait until the day his wife told him willingly.

Lu Zijia touched her nose a bit guiltily.
“Yeah, my cat is impressive, right?”

“Hm, very impressive.”

Mu Tianyan held back his laughter and nodded sincerely.

His wife was probably the only person in the world who used a pet cat as a battle cat.

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