An hour later.


The moment Lu Zijia successfully drew the lightning inscription, a beam of light flashed on the sword, as if it had gone through an invisible transformation.

Looking at her masterpiece, Lu Zijia nodded with satisfaction.
She immediately transferred her spiritual power into the sword and activated the inscription on the sword.

And at this moment, a figure suddenly flew over from upstairs.
The person was so fast that Lu Zijia subconsciously used the long sword in her hand to stop him.

“Hehe, disciple-in-law, let me try your skills today.” After coming out of seclusion, Taoist Mu Qing, whose skills had become much more exquisite, couldn’t wait to practice with his disciple’s wife.


After blocking Taoist Mu Qing’s attack, Lu Zijia suddenly shouted.

Probably because Lu Zijia looked too serious, Taoist Mu Qing, who was originally happy, immediately became serious as well.
At the same time, he held back the move he was about to make.

Before Taoist Mu Qing asked, Lu Zijia continued, “Master, look, what’s wrong with this sword?”

Lu Zijia said as she put the Sacred Dragon Sword closer to Mu Qing with a serious look so that he could see better.

The secret guards hidden in the dark thought, “Why do they feel like Madame seems… like she’s setting up a trap again?”

As the disciple of Taoist Mu Qing, Mu Tianyan pursed his thin lips, showing no intention of reminding his master.

“Hahaha… Master, you’re pranking someone again.
Be careful not to get beaten!” The golden pagoda, which knew its master very well, immediately held its cat belly and laughed.

Mu Tianyan observed the strange behavior of the golden pagoda again in silence, but still showed no reaction.

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Lu Zijia didn’t change her expression and pretended not to hear the burst of laughter from the golden pagoda.

Taoist Mu Qing observed the Sacred Dragon Sword without any vigilance for a while, then gradually frowned.

“Why are there so many runes carved on the Sacred Dragon Sword?” Taoist Mu Qing looked like he was heartbroken and furious.


Lu Zijia blinked and said with a harmless look on her pure and gorgeous face, “But they don’t look like runes to me!”

“There is indeed a difference.”

Taoist Mu Qing nodded and immediately looked up at his disciple.
“Kid, what’s wrong with your sword?

“I spent a lot of money to get you this sword back then, but you didn’t treasure it.
Are you trying to anger me to death so you can stand on my head and have fun?”

Mu Tianyan, who was reproached for no reason: “…”

Lu Zijia: “…” What her man’s master said was really interesting!

“Master, do you want to take a closer look?”

In order to prevent her man from being scolded again, Lu Zijia quickly drew Taoist Mu Qing’s attention back.


Taoist Mu Qing nodded without thinking and took the Sacred Dragon Sword without hesitation.

Lu Zijia held the hilt of the Sacred Dragon Sword and Taoist Mu Qing pinched the sharp blade of the Sacred Dragon Sword with both hands.

However, the moment Taoist Mu Qing touched the blade of the Sacred Dragon Sword, a strong power of lightning suddenly went into his body and spread all over him in an instant.

“Hiss, hiss…”

The strong power of lightning seemed to be very reluctant to leave Taoist Mu Qing’s body.
It made a series of sizzling sounds on his body before finally dissipating.

At this moment, not only was Taoist Mu Qing’s skin darker, but he also had a very fashionable Afro hairstyle.
He could be said to be a very fashionable old man.

“Hahaha… The old man has become a black old man! Master, run.
Master, run.
If you don’t run, you’ll be beaten up!”

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