Chapter 73: Plot Twist

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These people… They couldn’t wait to accuse her of being a fraud before she finished talking.

However, Lu Wanyuan was very much the reason why people around were in a hurry to jump to conclusions.

The old lady didn’t believe Lu Zijia at first, but seeing how certain Lu Zijia was, her stance was shaken a little.

Perhaps her grandson truly had a girlfriend? But her grandson had never mentioned it to her!

Thinking of this, the old lady still took out her old phone and called her grandson.

The sound of the old lady’s old phone was very loud.
Even without turning on the speaker, people around could hear it clearly.

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“Grandma? Why are you calling me at this time? Did something happen?” a male voice came from the old lady’s phone, sounding a bit confused.

“No, no.”

The old lady was worried that her grandson would be worried, so she quickly denied it and asked, “I just want to ask you, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Grandma, you…”

“Congratulations, sir, your wife is already two months pregnant, which is also the reason why she passed out.
Remember to rest more and not make yourself too tired from now on.”

While the man on the other side was talking, another voice interrupted him.

Everyone listened to the voice on the other side of the phone.
It seemed to be the voice of a nurse and what the nurse said made them widen their eyes in shock.

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Hearing the voice that came from the phone, the old lady stuttered out of excitement.

“My grandson, my good grandson, tell me quickly.
Is my granddaughter-in-law pregnant? Am I going to have a great grandchild?”

A male voice came from the other side of the phone again with joy and excitement, “Yes, grandma.
If everything’s alright, can we talk about it when I get back?”

“Sure, sure! Stay with my granddaughter-in-law quickly.
Take good care of her.
When you have time, remember to bring her back to meet me.”

The old lady told his grandson a lot of things, then finally hung up reluctantly with joy all over her face.

After the old lady hung up the call, everyone went silent as if they could hear a needle drop on the floor.

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“Young lady, I misunderstood you just then.
I’m terribly sorry!”

A while after hanging up, the old lady finally remembered Lu Zijia in front of her.
She grabbed Lu Zijia’s hands with her old hands and was apologetic to Lu Zijia.

After that, she gave Lu Zijia a thumbs-up, “Young lady, no, no, master, master.

“Master, your prediction is really accurate.
I’ve never admired anyone in my entire life.
You’re the first one.

“That kid was right just now.
Master, you’re truly a living immortal!”

Hearing the last thing the old lady said, Lu Zijia’s eyelids twitched, and she subconsciously grabbed the old lady’s hands.

She was worried that the old lady would bow a few times to her unreasonably like the driver.

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Even though there was no difference in age in the cultivation world, just a difference in level, this was Earth and she completely inherited the memory of the original host of the body.
Thus, she felt a bit awkward in her mind when an old lady, who was countless times older than she was, bowed to her.

“I’m flattered, old lady.
I only said those things randomly.”

Lu Zijia only saw that the old lady had very few descendants in her family from her face.
She had just one grandson among the younger generation.

She could also see that the old lady’s family was about to have a new member.
That was why Lu Zijia congratulated the old lady, based on what she said before.

The old lady was even more delighted after hearing that.

“If it’s so accurate even if you just said it randomly, you’re even more impressive, master.
You’re so young right now..
I’m sure you’ll have a promising future! I definitely have confidence in you.”

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