This made Ye Nambo furious and he also put all the grievances and fault on the Ye family and the Song family, but he just couldn’t deal with either of these two families.

So, he started to give up on himself and went to the bar almost every night to get himself drunk.
And then, for some reason, someone dragged him to the casino and the bets he placed got bigger and bigger.

Until now, he had owed a gambling debt of five million yuan.

Five million might not be worth mentioning for Ye Nambo in the past, but now, it was a huge amount that couldn’t be repaid.

So, he had been hiding everywhere in order to avoid his creditors these days.
As for his mother, he had no time to care about her at all.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“Tell on me?” Tell on her about what? What could he possibly accuse her of?

In Ye Nambo’s opinion, she was pretending to be calm and he immediately became more confident in his mind.

“Right, Mu Tianyan must not know how you pestered me before, right?

“Let me tell you, no man can stand being made a cuckold, let alone a man like Mu Tianyan who is so superior that he stands at the top.”

Ye Nambo was full of confidence.
“So, if you’re smart enough, give me ten million quickly.
Otherwise, you can forget about being the Madame of the Mu family!”

Lu Zijia, who thought he was going to make a big move, was speechless.
She looked at Ye Nambo as if she were looking at a retarded child.

The original host had never had any physical contact with Ye Nambo.
Even if she had, that was before she got together with Mu Tianyan.
How would Mu Tianyan be a cuckold?

Ye Nambo was indeed seriously ill!

Lu Zijia nodded with a good temper.
“Go, go, go ahead and tell on me! If you can go home alive, you’ll be lucky.”

With Mu Tianyan’s personality, he wouldn’t let Ye Nambo go easily even if he knew nothing happened between her and Ye Nambo.
After all, Ye Nambo was one of the people who set them up back then.

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She would be letting herself down if she let go of someone who came to her to be tortured.

However, Lu Zijia’s “kind reminder” sounded like a threat to Ye Nambo.

“You… You… Lu Zijia, don’t go too far!

“It’s not enough that you deliberately hired someone to smear my name and frame me for taking drugs.
You even found someone to instigate me to get addicted to gambling and made me owe a huge debt.
Are you going to stop only after you kill me?

“Let me tell you, if I can’t survive, I’ll definitely not let you live well either.
At most, we’ll die together!”

There was a ferocious look on Ye Nambo’s dispirited face, as if an evil spirit had crawled out of hell.

Lu Zijia blinked, looking a bit innocent.

She could only see that Ye Nambo wouldn’t end well.
She had no idea that Ye Nambo’s life would be this bad.

Tsk, tsk, the evils that people brought to themselves were truly the hardest to bear!

She just didn’t know if Lu Wanyuan was also suffering because of herself like Ye Nambo was right now.

Thinking of Lu Wanyuan, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened.
Perhaps she could be kind enough to help them, so they could get back together.

Lu Zijia didn’t explain for herself, but asked, “Do you really want money?”

Thinking that Lu Zijia was scared, Ye Nambo was delighted in his mind, but he still looked ferocious on the outside.
“You made me like this.
You should give me money!”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes.
“I can’t give you money, but you can earn the money yourself.”

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