“Hey, Old He, you finally said something reasonable.”

Luo Baode said to Mr.
He with admiration, acting as though he was the superior between the two of them.

He’s forehead throbbed.
He resisted the urge to throw something at Luo Baode, so he turned away and said, “Master Tang, what do you think?”

Tang Zheng nodded.
“What fellow Taoist He said makes sense.”

Tang Zheng immediately said to Yuan Luo, “If you’re not guilty, you can swear on your Taoist heart like young fellow Taoist Lu!”

“Sect Master, I…”

Yuan Luo’s expression changed and he subconsciously wanted to argue his way out of it, but when he noticed Taoist Qingxuan’s warning gaze, he immediately shut his mouth and didn’t dare to explain himself anymore.

Seeing his expression, Tang Zheng’s expression immediately darkened and his voice suddenly became cold.
“Why? Are you guilty and don’t dare to swear?”

As the leader of the Maoshan Sect, Tang Zheng naturally knew a bit about the elders of his sect.

Because of that, he already had some doubts about Taoist Qingxuan’s situation from the beginning.

However, because Taoist Qingxuan’s cultivation level had really regressed and he seemed to have been injured by evil cultivators, he had no choice but to stand up and represent the Maoshan Sect as the Sect Master.

But now, it seemed that things weren’t exactly as Taoist Qingxuan and his disciples said.

“No, no, Sect Master, I… I… I just…” Yuan Luo was so frightened by Tang Zheng’s sudden pressure that his face turned pale and he couldn’t help panicking a bit.

“Idiot! If you weren’t feeling guilty, why would you be afraid of making an oath?”

Seeing that Yuan Luo was about to be exposed, Taoist Qingxuan was so angry that he slapped him and shouted angrily.

Yuan Luo was slapped so hard that his head turned to one side.

“M-Master, I…” Yuan Luo’s face was burning with pain, but he didn’t dare to have the slightest bit of resentment.
He even looked at Taoist Qingxuan with a pleading gaze.

As a martial artist, if his cultivation stopped and could never advance in the future, it would undoubtedly be a fate worse than death.

However, Yuan Luo knew very well that if he didn’t do what his master said, his master would definitely make him suffer after this.

In the end, Yuan Luo still chose to yield in exchange for his survival.

“I, Yuan Luo, swear on my Taoist heart that everything I said before is true.
If there’s a fake lightning strike, my cultivation will never advance!”

Boom! Crack! Crack!

As soon as Yuan Luo finished speaking, a thunderclap suddenly sounded in the clear sky outside.
Then, everyone present saw a terrifying purple lightning bolt strike Yuan Luo.


Yuan Luo didn’t expect that lightning would really strike him, and he was caught off guard.
After a scream, he lay on the table with his body charred and smoking.
He didn’t move at all, and no one knew if he was dead or alive.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by the charred body in front of them, so none of them noticed Lu Zijia’s hands, which had moved quietly.

Lu Zijia was a cultivator with all kinds of spiritual roots, including the lightning spiritual root.

Hence, it was too easy to imitate a real lightning attack.

It was just that the power was a bit weak.
If she was in the Golden Core realm like she had been in her previous life, she could totally turn someone into ashes.

After everyone present witnessed this strange and shocking scene with their own eyes, the huge meeting room was dead silent for a moment.
No one spoke.

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