Chapter 75: Forever Loner

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Song Zixuan glared at Lu Wanyuan and said in an unfriendly tone, “It’s not your business who I am.
Or do you want to smear me as well?”

Lu Wanyuan’s expression changed slightly, “Sir, you’ve misunderstood me.
I just feel like you look a bit familiar.”

However, Song Zixuan didn’t buy it.

“Ha! People who aren’t blind can see what you’re thinking in your mind.

“Don’t think that everyone else is a fool, except for yourself.
I just won’t bother to expose you.”


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Song Zixuan looked at Lu Wanyuan with his eyes full of disdain and even a bit of disgust.

By using her appearance, Lu Wanyuan had always been successful in whatever she did in front of men.
And today, she was treated so disrespectfully by Song Zixuan.
Her face couldn’t help but flush.

However, the vision she gained over the years let her know that Song Zixuan wasn’t someone to trifle with.

If she continued to argue with him, the situation would only become more unfavorable to her, so she could only shut her mouth with an aggrieved look as if Song Zixuan had bullied her.


Song Zixuan didn’t become soft-hearted at all because of a pretty girl’s grievances, but he snickered again instead.

“Alright, my time is very precious.
Can we start now?”

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Song Zixuan looked at Lu Zijia again.
Even though his tone was still bad, it was much better than when he talked to Lu Wanyuan.

The face of Master Dedao, who was behind Song Zixuan and had been ignored since the beginning, looked green and pale.

If he wasn’t in public, he would have swung his sleeves and left.
Why would he stay here to suffer?

However, he didn’t believe that Lu Zijia, a young and inexperienced girl, could truly be capable!

She must have cheated the first two times, or those had just been coincidences.
Otherwise, how would an inexperienced, witless girl surpass him, who had practiced for decades?

About Lu Zijia’s ability, Lu Wanyuan couldn’t accept it at all, let alone Master Dedao.

After all, she knew everything about Lu Zijia since she was small, so Lu Zijia definitely did not know any magic.

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But why was Lu Zijia right about the situation of the two people in a row just now?

And what she said was even that accurate!

Lu Wanyuan looked at Lu Zijia with exploration and doubts in her mind as if she suddenly didn’t know Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia certainly felt Lu Wanyuan’s prying gaze, but she didn’t care about it.

After all, this body indeed belonged to “Lu Zijia” and her soul had completely merged with this body.
Even a sorcerer wouldn’t be able to sense anything strange, let alone Lu Wanyuan who was just an ordinary person.


Lu Zijia nodded gently and looked at Song Zixuan with a smile, “Do you want to ask if you’re unlucky? Ah, no, should be a forever loner.”

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Hearing the word “unlucky,” Song Zixuan’s originally impatient expression immediately froze.

And when he heard the phrase “forever loner,” his face darkened instantly.

“Seeing your reaction, I guess I’m right,” Lu Zijia supported her chin with one hand and said in a slightly teasing tone.

The young tycoon could have grown up with the love of everyone.
What a shame, what a shame.

Perhaps the pity in Lu Zijia’s eyes was too obvious, as Song Zixuan’s face became even darker.

What he needed wasn’t sympathy from others!

“And?” Song Zixuan resisted the urge to punch her and asked furiously while gritting his teeth.

Lu Zijia played dumb and asked as she blinked, “And? And what?”

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