Recognizing the evil technique used by Taoist Qingxuan, Mr.
He’s expression changed drastically and he rushed towards Taoist Qingxuan first.

Luo Baode and the others also went up immediately, including Elder Du and Elder Ma, who were invited by Taoist Qingxuan.

Even though they usually didn’t interact closely with Taoist Qingxuan, they still had some ties with him.
Besides, they were invited by him this time.
If Taoist Qingxuan was really an evil cultivator, they would be implicated too.

So, in order to prove their innocence, they had to stop Taoist Qingxuan with all their might at this moment.

“Even if I die, I’ll drag all of you down with me!”

Taoist Qingxuan knew that his identity as an evil cultivator had been exposed and he definitely wouldn’t be able to survive.
Since he couldn’t survive, he would take everyone down with him.
No one would survive!

As soon as Taoist Qingxuan finished speaking, the black fog surging violently around him became denser and the waves of wailing and howling became even sharper.

“He’s going to sacrifice himself to unseal it.

Tang Zheng, who had just rushed over, saw the smug and crazed look in Taoist Qingxuan’s eyes and knew instinctively that something was wrong.
He immediately shouted anxiously to remind everyone present.

However, it was already too late.

Lu Zijia grabbed a handful of talismans in her hand and was about to throw them out and escape with her man when she suddenly noticed something, and turned to look at her man.

A golden beam suddenly emanated from Mu Tianyan’s body and surrounded his body, and it slowly became more and more dazzling.


A golden dragon phantom suddenly flew out of Mu Tianyan’s body and soared into the ceiling.
The deafening dragon roar gave everyone present a splitting headache and they had to cover their ears.

As the dragon roar sounded, Taoist Qingxuan, who originally had a crazed and smug look on his face, suddenly looked terrified.

“Ah… No, no…”


As Taoist Qingxuan screamed in despair, there was a sudden loud shatter.

The moment that loud bang sounded, the black fog that surged violently around Taoist Qingxuan instantly turned into powder and dissipated slowly.


Blood suddenly gushed out of Taoist Qingxuan’s seven orifices.
His eyes, which were clearly in disbelief, widened as he fell straight to the ground and stopped breathing.

Seeing this scene in front of them, Luo Baode and the others couldn’t help being dumbfounded.
Even Taoist Mu Qing, Mu Tianyan’s master, was no exception.

Lu Zijia already knew about the divine dragon bloodline in Mu Tianyan, so she wasn’t surprised.

Seeing that the others were all in shock and couldn’t react for a long time, Lu Zijia threw out a talisman and took in Taoist Qingxuan’s soul, which was about to escape.

“Ah Yan, how are you feeling?”

Lu Zijia put away the talisman and quickly walked to her man to check on him.

Mu Tianyan shook his head with a pale face.
“I’m fine.”

Even though he said he was fine, Lu Zijia sensed that he was very weak at this moment.

She grabbed his wrist to check his pulse and found that other than his internal energy being exhausted, there really didn’t seem to be any other problems.
Only then did she slowly relax.

However, Lu Zijia still gave Mu Tianyan a few Vitality Pills to help him recover, which made everyone’s hearts ache.

After Tang Zheng came back to his senses, he took out a wooden bracelet and said to Lu Zijia politely, “Little Taoist Friend Lu, can you hand me Qingxuan’s soul? In order to show my sincerity, I’ll use this bracelet to exchange for it.”

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