Thinking that they had missed such a huge opportunity, Elder Du and Elder Ma really wanted to catch Taoist Qingxuan’s soul and refine it!

In the main branch of the Mu family.


“Get lost, all of you!”

Mu Shiyou leaned against the bed with a pale face and suddenly threw the medicine that she had just taken a few sips of on the ground.
The medicine bowl immediately shattered on the ground and the medicine splashed on the servant’s feet.

The servant was shocked, but she suppressed her anger and left quickly.

Mu Liren happened to come in and brushed past the maid who was leaving quickly.

Mu Liren looked at the mess on the ground and frowned.
“Daughter, you haven’t recovered yet.
How can you get better if you don’t drink the medicine?”

Mu Shiyou’s chest heaved violently and she gritted her teeth with anger.
“So what if I’m fine? With the Master’s current attitude, even if I go back to the main family, it’s impossible for me to be like before!”

Mu Shiyou hated Mu Sheng to the core now, as she recalled how he began to despise her even more after knowing that Mu Tianyan had an alchemist with excellent alchemy skills, and didn’t even bring her along when he returned to the main family.

But it was useless no matter how much she hated him.
There was nothing she could do right now.

Hearing what his daughter said, Mu Liren suddenly thought of a possibility.
“Could it be that Master Mu is going to sacrifice you to win the alchemist who’s with Mu Tianyan over?”

It was really possible for Mu Sheng to do something that prioritized his own interests.

Didn’t Mu Sheng sacrifice Mu Tianyan to nurture an outstanding disciple back then?

If so, there was nothing stopping him from sacrificing his daughter this time.

Thinking of this possibility, a hint of viciousness flashed through Mu Liren’s eyes.

One of his children was crippled and the other was seriously injured.
It was all Mu Tianyan’s fault!

If he wasn’t going to have it easy, he wouldn’t allow that little bastard to live happily either!

In an instant, strong hatred burst out of Mu Liren’s eyes.
Then, as if he thought of something, he suddenly turned around and left quickly.

He didn’t even seem to hear his daughter’s heart-wrenching scream.

At the hotel where Tang Zheng was staying.

“Sect Master, someone sent you a package.”

A disciple knocked on Tang Zheng’s door and handed him an envelope that seemed to contain a document.

“Who sent it?” Tang Zheng raised his hand and asked.

“This was given to me by the receptionist.
There’s no name written on it, so I’m not sure.” The disciple replied respectfully.

Hearing that, Tang Zheng frowned and waved his hand, dismissing his disciple.

After Tang Zheng returned to his room and opened the package, his expression quickly changed and he looked especially solemn.

“The Mu family, Mu Tianyan…”

Two days later, Tang Zheng went to the Mu family mansion personally.

In the living room.

Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan sat opposite Tang Zheng.

“Sect Master Tang, what brings you here today?” Mu Tianyan took a sip of tea and asked.

Tang Zheng didn’t answer.
Instead, he put an envelope on the coffee table and pushed it in front of the couple.

Lu Zijia raised an eyebrow.
After looking at her man, she picked up the document bag and opened it, skimming through it quickly.

“I wonder who gave this information to Sect Master Tang?” Lu Zijia asked calmly.

The information Tang Zheng took out was actually about the Old Weird Taoist.
The document even clearly pointed out that the Old Weird Taoist’s disappearance was related to Mu Tianyan.

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