However, even if that was what Xu Zhinian thought, he still did not keep his hopes up.

He had been disheartened after so many years.
Since his hopes would always be dashed, he might as well not be hopeful at all.
At least he wouldn’t be disappointed, right?

Xu Zhinian knew that he was being pessimistic, but what could he do?

“Alchemist Lu.” Xu Zhinian greeted Lu Zijia calmly.

Alchemist Xu knew that his grandson had already given up hope, so his heart ached even more.
Even though he was sure about Lu Zijia’s alchemy ability, he wasn’t sure if she could really cure his grandson, so he didn’t say anything encouraging.
He knew very well that the more hopeful they were, the greater the disappointment would be if she failed.
This was undoubtedly the cruelest thing for his grandson.

“Alchemist Lu, my grandson is usually a little indifferent.
Please don’t take it to heart.” Alchemist Xu explained on behalf of his grandson.

Lu Zijia saw Xu Zhinian’s distrustful attitude, but she didn’t mind it.
Instead, she was used to it.

“If you don’t mind, let’s start now?” Lu Zijia smiled and said.

Alchemist Xu was naturally very willing to do so.
He quickly invited her to sit at the table.

With Alchemist Xu present, even though Xu Zhinian was unwilling, he still raised his hand cooperatively and put it on the table for Lu Zijia to take his pulse.

When Lu Zijia walked over, she had already noticed that Xu Zhinian’s body temperature was obviously lower than that of ordinary people.
And when her hand touched Xu Zhinian’s wrist, she felt a chill instantly run through her fingers and into her body.

Lu Zijia pushed the spiritual power in her body out and completely dispersed the cold air.

After a while, Lu Zijia’s eyes gradually darkened.

Xu, I’m going to channel my internal energy into your body.
Try to relax your body and don’t resist it,” Lu Zijia said to Xu Zhinian seriously.

Unexpectedly, Xu Zhinian immediately retracted his hand after hearing what she said.

Before Lu Zijia could ask why, Alchemist Xu quickly explained to her, “Alchemist Lu, there was another alchemist who tried to probe the situation in Zhinian’s body with his internal energy before, but he suffered a backlash from the cold air.”

After that alchemist suffered a backlash, he was seriously injured and almost lost the ability to refine pills.
It was only after Alchemist Xu offered him a massive amount of compensation that the matter was settled.

Lu Zijia recalled the characteristics of the Frost Dragon’s Flame and her eyes immediately lit up.
She was even more certain that Xu Zhinian might have really taken the Frost Dragon’s Flame before.

Lu Zijia wasn’t in a hurry to explain.
Instead, she asked, “Did Mr.
Xu eat anything before the symptoms started, for example, a silver fruit with dragon patterns on the surface?”

The Frost Dragon’s Flame could be used to refine the Dragon Flame Pill, but it couldn’t be consumed directly, or his body would be frozen and he would become like a living dead.

And the fact that Xu Zhinian was still conscious right now proved that Alchemist Xu must have put in a lot of effort to even prevent his condition from deteriorating.

As soon as Lu Zijia said that, Xu Zhinian’s pupils suddenly constricted.
He couldn’t hide the excitement and the flicker of hope in his eyes when he looked at her.

“You… You know what fruit that is?”

Xu Zhinian tried his best to control his emotions, but his slightly trembling hands still betrayed his excitement.

Lu Zijia tilted her head with a smile.
“I might.
Why don’t you answer my question first so that I can make a judgment?”

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