At this moment, Master Dedao’s heart was bleeding!

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He thought he could make a huge amount of money and take the opportunity to increase his worth when he received the Lu family’s reservation.


He had never thought that in the end, not only was he unable to increase his reputation and value, but he would also lose his dharma artifact as well!


This… This was simply bad luck!


Master Dedao held the Buddha beads that had followed him for more than a decade with his hands firmly, looking obviously reluctant to give it away.


Lu Zijia didn’t urge him.
She just looked at him with a smile.


However, she looked like she was mocking Master Dedao in his eyes, which made him fly into a rage out of humiliation.


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However, in front of everyone else, he couldn’t destroy his image, so he could only grit his teeth fiercely and swallow hard.


“This string of Buddha beads has been with me for more than a decade.
I can’t believe I lost it myself today.


“Looks like the fate between me and this string of Buddha beads has come to an end… Fine, fine, fate is like this.”


Master Dedao’s heart kept bleeding, but he had to continue to carry the demeanor of Master Dedao on the outside.


“I’ll give this string of Buddha beads to you today.
Please take good care of it and treat it well.”


Master Dedao gave his beloved artifact to Lu Zijia himself with his shaking old hands.


As soon as Lu Zijia got the string of Buddha beads, she put it away without hesitation as if she didn’t notice Master Dedao’s extremely resentful gaze at all.

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“Master, don’t worry.
I’ll definitely treat it well,” Lu Zijia said solemnly with a serious look.


Only Lu Zijia knew in her mind whether this promise was real or not.


“Alright, everyone, goodbye.
You don’t need to walk me out.”


After getting what she wanted, Lu Zijia turned around and left without hesitation.
She waved at everyone else behind, who wanted to keep asking her questions, without looking back.


Watching Lu Zijia leave unrestrained, the people around, who only came to join in the fun, couldn’t help but feel a bit regretful.


“She’s already so impressive at such a young age.
I’m sure she’ll be an outstanding master in the future.”


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“Right, right, what a shame she left so quickly.
I was thinking of asking her to tell me my fortune.”


“I want that young lady to look at my fortune too, but it should be very expensive, given how capable she is, right?”


“Ah! I should have participated in the battle just then.
Why was I a step slower?”


“I feel regretful speaking of this.
I was planning to participate, but I stood out a bit too slowly.


“If it weren’t for my legs being a little short, I would have been in the front.”


“By the way, I don’t seem to have seen that young lady or heard her Taoist name.


“Is she a new master who has just come to the capital? If she’s a new master, it shouldn’t be too expensive to ask her to look at our fortune?”

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“I guess, but how should we book an appointment with that little girl master?”


“Ah, you fools.
Doesn’t that little girl master have a sister? Her sister is still here.
Why don’t we ask her directly?”


“Heh! You’re a fool.
I can see that the master’s sister is a bad person at first glance.
Otherwise, as the big sister, how could she keep saying that her younger sister is a fraud?


“Even if we ask her for the master’s contact, it’ll be weird if she can tell us.”


“I think you’re right.
That girl called Lu Wanyuan doesn’t seem to be a good person.


“Perhaps she really worked with the outsiders to deliberately frame and slander her sister in front of everyone!”

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