At the same time, he said, “Help Madam Second Young Madam pack her things and bring them to the master bedroom.”

These words were obviously said to the secret guards hiding in the dark.

Lu Zijia, who was still a bit dumbfounded and standing in place: “???” Who could tell her what was going on? When did she agree not to sleep in separate rooms? She clearly didn’t agree to anything!

Suddenly, such a conversation popped up in Lu Zijia’s mind.



“Wifey, are you willing…”


Lu Zijia: “!!!” Damn! She had fallen into a man’s trap again! No one was more miserable than her when she failed to bully her man and got tricked instead.

Lu Zijia, who finally reacted, immediately didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
She had the urge to go and beat him up.

However, the man was already gone!

Lu Zijia looked at the ceiling speechlessly and reflected on why she kept falling into the pit dug by her man.
It was simply too much!

She was the one who usually dug holes for people.
Could it be that the tables had turned?

At this moment, Lu Zijia deeply felt that Mu Tianyan was her nemesis and the bane of her life!

Little did she know that to him, she was also his only nemesis, but he was willing to accept that regardless.

The secret guards hiding in the dark wanted to laugh when they saw the bitter look of their Second Madam.

Although their Madam was a shrewd little fox, Second Master was a scheming old fox.
How could the little fox beat the old fox?

Perhaps sensing that the secret guards were snickering, Lu Zijia curled her finger in the direction of the secret guards, signaling for them to come out.

The secret guards were puzzled, but they still showed up obediently.

Ten minutes later…

A few secret guards lay on the grass in the back garden, looking at the slightly gray sky and doubting their lives.

The four of them were fighting against Madam alone, but they were still taken down by Madam instantly in a four-on-one battle.
It was a humiliation, a total humiliation!

When their Madam first came to the Mu family, she was still a rookie.
They could beat her with one hand.

But now, in less than a year, the wife of the Second Young Master, who was originally just a rookie, turned into a martial arts master and won the four of them in a split second!

If it weren’t for the fact that they were sure that the girl who won them instantly was their Second Madam, they would have suspected that their Second Madam had been swapped.

Otherwise, how could a rookie become a martial arts expert in less than a year?!

Freak, she was even more monstrous than the Second Master!

And Lu Zijia, the person being ridiculed by the secret guards, immediately felt better after beating up her man’s subordinates.

She would talk about what would happen tonight later.
At most, she would go to bed early and pretend to sleep.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia had nothing to worry about anymore.
She walked out of the old mansion of the Mu family and went straight to the Special Administration Office.

In just half a month, she broke through from the second level of Qi Refinement to the third level of Qi Refinement.
Now, she even broke through to the fourth level of Qi Refinement.
She broke through too quickly.
If she didn’t stabilize her foundation, she probably wouldn’t be able to go far on the path of cultivation.

And the most direct way to stabilize his cultivation was undoubtedly to fight.

She couldn’t bear to practice with her man, so she practiced with the secret guards.
Because of her identity, the secret guards would more or less give in and didn’t dare to hurt her.

A spar wasn’t of much use at all.
Fighting to the death was the best training, just like how she specially went to find demonic beasts to fight in her previous life.
Even though she was on the verge of death many times, the effect was gratifying.

Cultivators fought with the heavens to begin with.
If they wanted to become stronger and go further, they had to be ruthless to themselves!

Therefore, Lu Zijia was very proactive and took the initiative to go to the office.

“What? You want to take on a level two case?!” Luo Baode lost his composure and shouted so loudly that it almost resounded throughout the entire floor.
Many people passing by outside were so frightened that they thought something terrible had happened!

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