Three years ago, her sister-in-law chose to marry her brother at the peak of her popularity.
She was even willing to give up her career for her brother and stay at home to be a housewife.

Unfortunately, her brother let down his sister-in-law’s feelings and actually cheated on her two years after they got married.

Or perhaps her brother cheated on her earlier, but his infidelity was just not discovered.

Lin Kexin was very disappointed in her brother, so she felt very guilty towards Yao Lefei, her sister-in-law.

“So what if she passed away? So what if she passed away? She can’t just scare me to death, right? She’s lived with our family for so many years.
Everything she eats, drinks and uses come from us! As her mother-in-law, can’t I just say a few words about her?” Mrs.
Lin couldn’t care less about being afraid anymore.
After hearing what her daughter said, she immediately retorted fiercely, her words full of reason.


Lin Kexin frowned tightly and finally let out a heavy sigh.
“Forget it, Mom, it’s not like you’ve been like this for a day or two.
It’s useless no matter what I say.
I’ll call for takeout and ask my brother to come back to accompany you.
My son had a fever last night and he’s still a bit unwell right now.
I’m worried.
I’ll go back when Brother comes back.”

After saying that, Lin Kexin stood up, took out her phone, and walked to the side to make a call.

Seeing that her daughter was always helping her daughter-in-law, who didn’t like her, Mrs.
Lin was a bit frustrated, but she didn’t say anything worse in the end.

As soon as Lin Kexin finished the call, she heard the doorbell and couldn’t help opening the door in confusion.

“Auntie Zhao, Auntie Luo?”

Seeing that the people outside the door were the neighbors on both sides of their house, Lin Kexin forced a smile and opened the door, planning to invite them into the house.

However, Mrs.
Zhao and Mrs.
Luo quickly waved their hands and refused.
“We won’t go in.
We heard a few screams from your house just now and thought something happened to your family, so we came to take a look.”

“Right, right, looking at you now, you should be fine.
We still have something to do, so we’ll leave first.”

“Alright, take care, Aunties.
Come visit us again when you’re free.” After sending the two of them off politely, Lin Kexin couldn’t help but sigh heavily again.

Zhao and Mrs.
Luo, who just left, were discussing the Lin family at this moment.

“Ah, that daughter-in-law of the Lin family is really pitiful.
She’s so unlucky to meet such a mother-in-law who likes to make things difficult for people!”

“That’s right.
I heard that she was a big star before she married into the Lin family.
She even brought a huge amount of assets as her dowry.
She’s simply a golden daughter-in-law!”

“Hey, so what if she’s the daughter-in-law? She still suffered under her mother-in-law all the time! I heard that in order to save money for the family, her mother-in-law actually fired all the servants and let her daughter-in-law do all the housework.
She was either washing clothes or cooking all day, or she was kept busy by her mother-in-law.
She never had a chance to rest.”

“That’s too much.
With the Lin family’s situation, why would they need to save the wages of a few servants?”

“Right, Mrs.
Lin is really sinful.
She even made her daughter-in-law lose her baby two years ago by overworking her.”

“I recall seeing her daughter-in-law back then.
She was still pale, but she was already driven to do this and that.
My heart ached when I saw it.

“If my daughter gets treated like this by her in-laws after she gets married, I’m afraid my heart will ache to death.”

“Right, the Lin family also has a daughter.
She got married two years ago too.
Isn’t the family afraid that retribution will befall their daughter?”

Lu Zijia happened to pass by the two of them and couldn’t help raising her eyebrows slightly when she heard their conversation.

Was the Lin family the same Lin family she was thinking of?

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