f a daughter after marrying in.” Zhong Jiajia’s sudden words made the atmosphere in the Lin family that had just eased up instantly freeze again.

Lin’s expression immediately darkened.
“What do you mean? You haven’t even married into the Lin family and you’re already scolding an old woman like me!”

Perhaps it was an illusion, but there seemed to be a hint of guilt in Mrs.
Lin’s voice.

Zhong Jiajia seemed to realize that she said something wrong and her sweet face immediately became pitiful.
“Auntie, I didn’t mean that.
I… I just think you’re very kind.
If I said something wrong, I’m sorry.
Please forgive me, Auntie.”

Lu Zijia glanced at Zhong Jiajia and sighed in her mind.
As expected of a drama queen! Her ability to lie through her teeth was top-notch.
With Mrs.
Lin’s personality, who wasn’t kind at all, Zhong Jiajia could still manage to say those words.

Besides, Zhong Jiajia also threw Mother Lin a difficult question.
If Mrs.
Lin felt that Zhong Jiajia said something wrong, it meant that she knew she wasn’t kind either.

However, if she admitted that Zhong Jiajia didn’t say anything wrong, it would make Mrs.
Lin feel like she approved of Zhong Jiajia.

Either way, it was putting Mrs.
Lin in a spot.

“Mom, Jiajia is fine.
Don’t make things difficult for her.” Lin Kedong spoke at the right time and solved Mrs.
Lin’s problem.

Lin glared at Zhong Jiajia unkindly.
“Hmph, she hasn’t even married you yet, but you’re already defending her.
If both of you get married, will I have to stand aside?”

“Mom…” Lin Kedong frowned and seemed a bit dissatisfied.

Seeing her son like this, Mrs.
Lin was extremely frustrated.
“Alright, alright, I won’t care about your matters anymore, alright?”

Lin had said this countless times, but the same thing would happen all over again.

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