Chapter 78: Got a Burger…

“Lu Wanyuan? This name sounds a bit familiar.
Oh right! I know who that is.

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“Isn’t Lu Wanyuan the bastard daughter of the Lu family?

“Lu Wanyuan’s sister? So, isn’t Lu Zijia the daughter of the legal wife of the Lu family?”

“The bastard daughter? No wonder this happened.
It’s very normal for a bastard daughter, who enters the family, to frame the daughter of the legal wife.

“Poor master.
Such a good girl is framed and slandered by someone with a bad heart.”

“Right, right, master is so pitiful…”

Lu Wanyuan stood in the crowd, listening to the discussion of people around with a green and pale face, not to mention how bad she looked.

With the strange gazes from more and more people, Lu Wanyuan finally couldn’t stand the humiliation and ran away.

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As for Master Dedao and his apprentice, they had already left quietly and furiously when Lu Zijia left.

Song Zixuan, who was standing in the crowd as he frowned, heard everything the people around him said, and he couldn’t help but laugh at himself for being crazy.
He really trusted what that woman said.

Even though he had just returned to the country a while ago, he had heard about Lu Zijia of the Lu family and he disdained her very much.

She was the daughter of the legal wife but was suppressed firmly by the bastard daughter who came into the family.
She was so weak and cowardly that people looked down on her.

Lu Zijia must have said those things just then because she recognized her!

Song Zixuan lowered his head and looked at his phone.
He didn’t turn it on and directly put it into his pocket.

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After leaving Lingde Street, Lu Zijia directly took the taxi to go to KFC and had a big meal.

When she left, she pondered for a second and took another portion away, then went back to the old mansion of the Mu family by taxi with a satisfied expression.

After returning to the old mansion of the Mu family, it was already 5p.m and Mu Ruishu had come home from school.

Once Lu Zijia entered the mansion, she saw Uncle He and she quickly returned the 200 yuan she borrowed from him this morning.

In fact, Uncle He didn’t need Lu Zijia to give him back the money, but Lu Zijia insisted so he could only take it.

“Right, Uncle He, I tried KFC today.
It’s pretty tasty.
I brought you some too,” Lu Zijia said as she took out a burger a bit unwillingly from the takeaway bag.
She opened the wrapping paper and put it in Uncle He’s hands passionately.

Uncle He, “…”

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He was so old that he was about to reach the elderly stage, so he actually didn’t like eating these things.

However, seeing Lu Zijia’s anticipating look, Uncle He could only pretend to be happy and accept it, but he didn’t eat it right away.

“Grandpa He, why do you have a burger?”

Mu Ruishu, who walked in from the garden, saw Uncle He holding a burger with his hand behind his back and couldn’t help but ask curiously.

As a kid, Mu Ruishu had seen his friends at school eat KFC, so he certainly wanted to try it as well.

And yet, he wasn’t quite well, so his second uncle and Grandpa He said he couldn’t eat those things.

At this moment, things that he could rarely eat appeared in front of him after all these years.

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Hearing the voice of his Young Master behind him, Uncle He quickly put the burger in his hand into the pocket of his suit.

Lu Zijia who saw what Uncle He did, “…”

If she was right, Uncle He put the burger into his pocket without wrapping it in the wrapping paper just then…

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but think, “Uncle He is really true and casual!”

However, Uncle He’s suit didn’t seem cheap.
Could he still wear it after he took out the burger?

“Ah, Young Master, you’re tired already? Or are you hungry?

“What do you want to eat tonight, Young Master? Let me cook for you myself.
What do you think?”

Uncle He turned around a bit unnaturally under Lu Zijia’s weird gaze, then squatted down and talked to Mu Ruishu, who was walking towards him, with an amiable look.

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