“Why are you here?!”

Lin Kedong subconsciously looked around and was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to him.

“Why can’t I be here?” The long-haired woman said indifferently.

“Didn’t you already leave the capital? Why did you come back?” Lin Kedong suppressed his anger and glared at the long-haired woman.

Shi Zhenzhen smiled.
“I missed you, so I came back.
Why? Don’t you miss me?”

Lin Kedong took a deep breath, looking as though he was suppressing something, and said in a furious voice, “You’d better leave as fast as you can, and don’t return to the capital for the next few years.”

Given Lin Kedong’s temper, if they weren’t in a public restaurant, he would probably have already kicked her out.

Shi Zhenzhen immediately stopped smiling and slammed the exquisite handbag on the table.
“Lin Kedong, you’re really something.
I’ve only been gone for half a month and you’ve already found another woman.
And you even picked someone from your office.
Are you too hungry to be picky?”

The bag slammed loudly onto the table, attracting the attention of many customers at the nearby tables.

Lin Kedong’s heart tightened.
He was anxious and angry.
He lowered his voice and said angrily, “Shi Zhenzhen, are you crazy?”

Shi Zhenzhen sneered.
“So what if I’m crazy? Lin Kedong, you want to get rid of me and marry another woman? No way!”

She had played with Lin Kedong, this good-for-nothing, for so long, and he wanted to send her away with just a small sum of money.
How could it be so easy in this world?

“Shi Zhenzhen!” Lin Kedong gritted his teeth, as if he couldn’t wait to slap the woman opposite him.
But because he was in public, he finally endured it.
“Tell me, what do you want?”

Lin Kedong sounded very impatient.
His attitude was as if he wasn’t dealing with a woman he had a relationship with in the past, but an enemy he hated.

Seeing that Lin Kedong showed signs of compromise, Shi Zhenzhen smiled mockingly.

This man was still so timid and useless.
But this was good too.
Being timid and cowardly was easier to control.
She should be able to get what she wanted without spending any effort.

Thinking of this, Shi Zhenzhen felt much better.

“Thirty million.
Give me thirty million and I’ll leave the capital and never appear in front of you again.” Shi Zhenzhen said directly.

Hearing Shi Zhenzhen’s outrageous demand, Lin Kedong’s eyes widened and his voice was obviously full of anger.
“Thirty million? Shi Zhenzhen, stop being so greedy.
I’ve already given you a million before, and you still want thirty million now.
Where would I get so much money?”

Shi Zhenzhen didn’t care about his attitude at all and looked like she was about to fall out with him.
“It’s just thirty million.
What is that small sum to you? Not to mention Yao Lefei’s dowry, just Yao Lefei’s insurance compensation alone is already fifty million.
I’m only asking you to give me thirty million.
That’s not too much, right?”

“It’s not like you don’t know.
I used the insurance compensation to repay the debt.
Yao Lefei’s dowry is only worth two to three million at most, but you’re asking for thirty million now.
I don’t have so much money!”

In reality, Yao Lefei’s dowry totaled 60 to 70 million yuan, but most of it was taken by Mrs.
As her son, Lin Kedong naturally couldn’t ask his mother to take it back.

The money in his hand was basically all invested in stocks, leaving him with only two to three million yuan in cash.

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