Chapter 79: Educated by a Little Boy with a Serious Face

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Mu Ruishu shook his little head, then raised his head to look at Lu Zijia and glanced at the bag in her hand.

“Did you buy that burger?”

Lu Zijia nodded, “Yes, why? Little boy, do you want to have one too?”

When she went to KFC, many children were eating there.
This little boy should like it as well, right?

However, she had only one burger left.
She wondered if she could satisfy the little boy with chicken wings.

And yet, before she took out the chicken wings reluctantly, she heard the little boy say with the voice of a baby, “I’m not a little boy.
I’m Mu Ruishu.
I will allow you to call me brother-in-law.”

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The little boy, Mu Ruishu, looked up with an arrogant and natural face.

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but put her hand on his little head and rub it several times.
“You’re young but you’re full of mischief.
Don’t even think about making me call you brother-in-law.

“Originally, I could give you two chicken wings for your cuteness, but not anymore,” Lu Zijia said as she deliberately took out a chicken wing from the bag and started eating in front of Mu Ruishu.

Uncle He who watched Lu Zijia’s childish behavior silently on the side, “…”

People outside said that Lu Zijia was taciturn, weak, and easily cowed, but why couldn’t he see that?

After Lu Zijia exposed what Mu Ruishu wanted to do with his words, he didn’t panic.

However, seeing how much Lu Zijia enjoyed eating the chicken wings, Mu Ruishu couldn’t help but swallow somehow at this moment, even though he didn’t want it at first.

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“Hm! Who wants your chicken wings? The chicken wings Grandpa He makes are much more delicious than yours.

“Besides, KFC is a place where children go.
You’re so old already, but you still go there.
You’re shameless!”

Mu Ruishu turned his head to the side and didn’t look at Lu Zijia’s hateful expression as she ate those delicious chicken wings.

He immediately acted like a little adult and educated Lu Zijia, the “real adult.”

Lu Zijia soon finished eating the chicken wing in her hand and threw the bones into the trash can as she put her hand on the head of the little boy again.

Seeing that she wanted to touch him with the hand she used to hold the chicken wings, he immediately wanted to avoid her.

Unfortunately, he was a step too slow.

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“You bad woman, let me go quickly.
Your hand is so dirty.
Don’t you wash your hands after eating?”

Mu Ruishu was enraged.
He used his two chubby little hands to pull down Lu Zijia’s oil stained hand.

He stared at Lu Zijia furiously with his big eyes like a cub that was angered.

Lu Zijia looked at her hand with innocence on her face.

“It’s not dirty.
I’ve already wiped it with a tissue.”


Mu Ruishu was so angry that his little face bulged as if he couldn’t wait to pounce on Lu Zijia and fight with her.

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Seeing that his Young Master was enraged, Uncle He, the butler, quickly went up and patted his back with one hand as he comforted the boy.

“Young Master, don’t be mad, don’t be mad.
Madame is just joking with you.
Don’t be angry, Young Master.
I’ll make chicken wings for you tonight.”

After comforting him, Uncle He didn’t forget to say to Lu Zijia, “Madame, Young Master’s health isn’t good.
He can’t have huge mood swings.
Please don’t joke with him anymore.”

Lu Zijia sized Mu Ruishu up carefully after hearing that.
She indeed saw that his face was a little paler than before.

Lu Zijia touched her nose embarrassedly and thought, “This little boy can’t be teased like I imagined!”

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