Chapter 80: Mu Tianyan’s Unconscious Care

However, the situation of the little boy seemed to be more than just bad health.

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Lu Zijia opened her mouth and was about to say something, but Mu Ruishu suddenly interrupted her.

“Uncle, this bad woman bullied me!”

Seeing his uncle walk out of the elevator, Mu Ruishu immediately seemed like he found a supporter andimmediately ran towards Mu Tianyan with his two short legs.

“Uncle, that bad woman bullied me.
She even said she wouldn’t give me food.
She’s a bad woman.”

Mu Ruishu ran to Mu Tianyan and told on Lu Zijia as soon as he spoke with his little face full of grievances and complaints.

Lu Zijia, “….”

When did she say that she wouldn’t give this little boy food? The little boy was truly too dishonest!

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Mu Tianyan didn’t speak immediately but gazed at Uncle He.
What he meant went without saying.

Noticing the anticipation in his Young Master’s eyes and Lu Zijia’s deep gaze, Uncle He was stressed out.

However, he told the truth in the end.
“Master, Madame was only joking with Young Master.

“Besides, Madame didn’t allow Young Master to eat fried chicken wings only for his sake.”

Even though Uncle He really wanted to help his Young Master, according to his current observations, Lu Zijia wasn’t the kind of greedy and vicious-hearted woman.

So, he had no reason to slander her.

Seeing that Uncle He didn’t stand on his side, Mu Ruishu, immediately pouted and glared at Lu Zijia fiercely at the same time.

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Lu Zijia smiled at him despicably as if she was provoking him.

At this moment, Mu Ruishu’s little face bulged even more.

Mu Tianyan glanced at Lu Zijia with a deep gaze, then said to Mu Ruishu, “I told you she’s your aunt.
Don’t make me say it the third time.
Do you hear me?”

Most of the time, Mu Tianyan would indulge and dote on his nephew, but sometimes he couldn’t be disobeyed either.

Mu Ruishu looked up and glanced at his expressionless uncle quietly and couldn’t help but feel wronged in his mind.

Once the bad woman came, Grandpa He and his uncle both stood on her side.
Did they not like him anymore?

The more Mu Ruishu thought about it, the more wronged he felt, but he still nodded obediently.
“Yes, uncle.”

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Mu Tianyan looked away with satisfaction and gazed at Lu Zijia again.
To be precise, his gaze landed on the bag she was carrying with her hand and he frowned gently.

“Does the food at home not suit your appetite?” Mu Tianyan suddenly asked Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia blinked and answered honestly, “No, the food here is quite good.”

All the chefs in the Mu family were top chefs, so the food they made was certainly much better than that outside.

Mu Tianyan frowned even deeper.

“Then, why did you buy something from outside?”

He knew that this woman’s health had always been bad at a glance and she was injected with that kind of medicine before.
And now, she didn’t know how to take care of her body and even dared to eat something from outside without restraints.

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When Mu Tianyan realized he was caring about Lu Zijia unconsciously, his expression changed slightly.


For a second, Lu Zijia didn’t know how to answer Mu Tianyan’s question.

After all, she couldn’t say that she bought the food back because she was in a hurry to come home to cultivate and was worried that she wouldn’t find anything to eat when she was hungry at night, right?

“I’ll be on a business trip for a few days.
Call me if you need anything,” Mu Tianyan suddenly said.

“A business trip?”

Lu Zijia was shocked.
Didn’t Mu Tianyan ask her to come to the Mu family to treat his legs? Why didn’t he seem to be in a hurry at all right now?

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