However, no matter how regretful he was right now, he couldn’t change the fact that things happened because of him.
Even if he didn’t kill Yao Lefei, he could be considered an accomplice in her death.


“Unfilial son, you unfilial son!” Mr.
Lin was furious.
He covered his chest with one hand with a pained expression and slapped Lin Kedong with the other.

Lin Kedong didn’t dare to dodge and was directly slapped in the face, which was burning with pain.

“Hubby, Hubby, what’s wrong? Hubby, are you alright? Don’t scare me, Hubby.
Hubby, don’t scare me.
I’ll call an ambulance for you.
You have to hold on.
You have to hold on!” Seeing that something was wrong with Mr.
Lin, Mrs.
Lin was so frightened that her face turned pale.
She panicked and wanted to find a phone to call an ambulance.

Lin, don’t panic.
Just slap this talisman on Mr.
Lin.” Lu Zijia took out a Meditation Talisman and moved her fingers slightly, and the talisman flew into Mrs.
Lin’s hand.

Lin was so anxious that she didn’t have time to think if it was true or not.
She hurriedly slapped the talisman in her hand on her husband.

“Hubby, how are you? Are you feeling better?” Mrs.
Lin helped Mr.
Lin sit down and asked anxiously as she patted his back.

Lin only felt a cool sensation on his body, instantly extinguishing most of the anger in his heart.
Even the tightness in his chest seemed to have been relieved a lot.

“I… I’m fine,” Mr.
Lin waved his hand and said weakly.

“Call the police!” After calming down, Mr.
Lin closed his eyes and made up his mind.

“Hubby, you… You’re…” Hearing that, Mrs.
Lin immediately understood what Mr.
Lin meant and couldn’t help feeling anxious.

She only had one son.
If her son went to jail, what would happen to their family?

Lin raised his hand and interrupted Mrs.
“You don’t have to say anything else.
He’s even willing to kidnap his wife.
It’s fine if he doesn’t want this kind of son! If you still want to plead for him, leave this house with your unfilial son!” After saying this, Mr.
Lin seemed to have instantly aged ten years, and he looked a bit dejected.

Lin’s mouth opened and closed for a while, but she still turned her head away in the end and didn’t say anything else.

Lin Kedong, who was originally looking forward to his mother speaking up for him, couldn’t help but panic completely when he saw that even his mother wasn’t helping him.

“No, no, no, Dad, don’t call the police.
You can’t call the police!” Lin Kedong knelt down and moved towards Mr.
Lin with a pleading look.
“Dad, please, don’t call the police.
If you call the police, my life will be over! Dad, I’m your son, your only son.
Can you bear to see my life ruined?!”

Lin looked at his son deeply, his eyes full of disappointment.
“Before you kidnapped your wife, you should have thought that such a day would come.
The one who ruined you wasn’t anyone else, but yourself.
Not only did you ruin yourself, but you also ruined Lefei’s life.”

Speaking of this, Mr.
Lin couldn’t help but tear up.
“Son, if you still have a conscience and a sense of responsibility, then you should surrender yourself obediently and help bring Lefei’s murderer to justice.”

“No, Dad, no, no.
I can’t turn myself in.
If I do, I’ll really be finished!” Lin Kedong shook his head desperately and struggled to stand up, as if he wanted to escape.
However, he had just taken a step when he felt a sharp pain in his knee, making him kneel on the ground again instantly.

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